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Cutlery & Kitchen Tools

Whether food is your passion or you love to have guests over for meals, the equipment you use in your kitchen can make or break the dining experience. Fortunately, Saladmaster® offers a wide selection of stainless steel kitchen tools and cutlery you can use to elevate your kitchen.

Why Choose 316Ti Stainless Steel

At Saladmaster, we make all our kitchen tools and cutlery with 316Ti stainless steel. This alloy combines titanium and molybdenum to create a more durable cooking material that can easily withstand high heat and various foods for a versatile tool in your kitchen.

In addition to being a durable material for many different types of kitchen equipment, 316Ti stainless steel doesn't react with food, so you can preserve the natural flavors of the ingredients you work with. 316Ti is also easy to sanitize, as it is a nonporous material. This quality helps prevent excessive food buildup that can result in bacteria and germs, as well.

Benefits of Our Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools

Whether you invest in our stainless steel kitchen knife set or items such as our French whisk, our stainless steel kitchen tools are perfect for everyone, from experienced home chefs to those just starting their cooking journey. Some of the many benefits our stainless steel kitchen tools provide are:

  • Sharp edge: When you purchase our stainless steel knife block set, you can feel confident your knives will remain sharp longer than traditional knives.
  • Sleek finish: With a glossy appearance, our stainless steel cutlery and kitchen tools offer an attractive and modern shine that will improve any kitchen's atmosphere.
  • Rust-resistant quality: Our 316Ti kitchen tools and cutlery are resistant to rust and stains, so you do not have to worry about health concerns or the appearance of your utensils changing over time.
  • Long-term value: Since 316Ti stainless steel maintains its appearance and function throughout its life span, you can get more use out of each utensil for higher long-term value and cost savings.

Find a Saladmaster Dealer Near You!

A great meal starts with the utensils you use, and some of the best options on the market are the stainless steel cutlery and kitchen tools from Saladmaster. Whether you buy single utensils or one of our sets, such as our stainless steel knife set with a wood block, our cutlery and kitchen tools will maintain their bright shine throughout their life spans and serve as reliable tools you can use repeatedly. 

We invite you to locate a Saladmaster dealership near you to learn more about our cookware.