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Cutlery Set

The cutlery set is made of 440 professional-grade stainless steel, providing superior hardness for durability and sharpness. Set includes: paring knife, boning knife, santoku knife, carving knife, chef knife, scalloped bread knife, turning fork, honing steel and wooden knife block.


Multipurpose Uses of a Stainless Steel Cutlery Knife Set

High-quality tools can make your time in the kitchen more efficient. Our stainless steel cutlery knife set provides the necessary equipment to prepare fresh and healthy ingredients. Enjoy delicious meals for years to come with each of these pieces serving a beneficial function:

  • Paring knife: A tool for cutting or peeling food, such as fruit and vegetables, into small pieces when you require precision. 
  • Boning knife: The sharp, long and thin tool needed to cut through meat safely, easily and flexibly when separating or removing pieces from a bone. 
  • Santoku knife: A wide blade with a precision edge used for thinly mincing, chopping and dicing vegetables and meat or scooping the ingredients off a cutting board.
  • Carving knife: A narrow and long blade with a pointed tip that makes it easy to maneuver around the curves of cooked meats such as roasts, ham or poultry, with some flexibility for thin slices. 
  • Chef knife: Known as the most versatile option in a durable cutlery knife set and performs various tasks such as mincing, chopping, slicing, cutting and carving any size of vegetables or meat.
  • Scalloped bread knife: Prevents food from tearing and produces intact slices, like when making fewer crumbs when slicing through bread or retaining flavorful liquids when carving a roast. 
  • Turning fork: A two-point utensil in our elegant cutlery knife set can help you carve and serve meats. 

Connect With Your Local Saladmaster Dealer

Our professionals can show you how to use this cutlery knife set during an at-home or virtual cooking demonstration. To start enhancing your life with efficient tools and enjoy nutritious meals, find your local Saladmaster Dealer today!

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