Made In The USA

Our Manufacturing Story

American craftsmanship defines Saladmaster’s premium cookware. Every piece is carefully constructed and evaluated by exceptional people, using equally exceptional high-quality materials, which we source both domestically and internationally. Our manufacturing places state-of-the-art technology in the most skilled hands in the cookware industry with proprietary design that gives Saladmaster its distinctive look and first-in-class reputation.

Our Legacy

Saladmaster began in 1946 with the vision of one entrepreneur, Harry Lemmons. His dream was to sell product that met the highest standards of quality and reliability, while providing simple solutions for quick, easy, and healthy food preparation. Saladmaster, along with our parent company Regal Ware, Inc., brings more than a century of American craftsmanship quality and manufacturing experience to carry Lemmons’ dream and his legacy forward.

Our People

The people who manufacture Saladmaster cookware are highly skilled and highly trained. Every piece of cookware is hand checked throughout the cookware manufacturing journey from raw materials to packaging and shipping.

Our Quality

Saladmaster cookware is built to last for generations. It is not uncommon for Saladmaster products to be passed down from generation to generation. This unparalleled level of construction is only achieved through stringent quality control.

Our Sustainability

Saladmaster commits to sustainability best practices that preserve the Earth’s resources, including the robotic dry finishing cells, recycling programs, sustainable product materials and packaging, and many other “green” initiatives. These environmental efforts help reduce waste and protect our waterways, while contributing to preserve the world we live in.

Our Suppliers

Saladmaster has exclusive contracts with its suppliers to ensure the materials used to make our products are unsurpassed in performance and value. We select suppliers that align with our philosophy of implementing best practices for producing quality over cost, and for meeting Saladmaster standards for excellence to produce the best. We value our suppliers and the relationships we have established.

Our Design

Our understanding of cookware design is unrivaled. Our industrial, design, quality, and mechanical engineers operate in-house—providing a wealth of insight for developing products designed with purpose that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Technology

Our manufacturing facility uses high-tech robotic integration finishing and automation systems that provide consistency and quality-control efficiencies of our pans and covers. The equipment is operated by skilled Robotic Engineers and Technicians, creating a synergy of human understanding and robotic efficiency.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty

We believe in the superior quality of our American craftsmanship, and this belief is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our warranty gives consumers the confidence and assurance that we stand behind every piece of Saladmaster cookware in their kitchen.

What begins as a blank on the manufacturing line, and then touched with pride by the many employees that produce, inspect, package and ship the product, is ultimately enjoyed by millions of families around the world. They enthusiastically cook with Saladmaster because they know its proven performance and cooking methods can help to lead to a better quality of life.