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The first step to cooking healthier, more flavorful meals for you and your family is to experience Saladmaster cookware through one of our dealers near you.

1. Find a Saladmaster Dealer Near You

We currently only sell cookware through our independent network of authorized Saladmaster Dealers. Use our form below to find the closest dealership to your location in the U.S., U.K. or Korea. Select your country, then input your ZIP or postal code into the designated space — along with how you heard about Saladmaster.

Once you click "Search," a list of Saladmaster Dealers within a 200-mile radius of your location will appear.

2.  Choose a Service

Once you select a Saladmaster Dealer from the available options in your local area, you can choose the service you are looking for. The selections include:

  1. “Host a Show”: Do you want to personally experience the perks of Saladmaster cookware? If so, select this option to host a Cooking Show! See the value of our cookware firsthand with family, friends and co-workers as guests. You'll also benefit from incentives for hosting, inviting guests and referring other potential Cooking Show hosts, such as earning the Saladmaster Food Processor.

  2. “Start Today”: Saladmaster offers unique business opportunities for individuals interested in earning money for their families on their terms. You can either become an Independent Dealer or join an Independent Dealer's team. Either way, you can work your way up to becoming a Dealer. Choose this option if you want to start a flexible side hustle or career with our established team.

  3. “Purchase Product”: Benefit from our award-winning cookware today by purchasing one or more from the Dealer near you. The Dealer or one of their representatives will connect with you when you choose this selection, and they'll give you the option to order virtually or in person.

3. Complete the Contact Form

After choosing the service you want from the Independent Dealer, fill out the form with your contact information. You'll hear from a representative shortly with more information about hosting, becoming a dealer or purchasing.

Thank you for your interest in Saladmaster. If you want to purchase product, host a Cooking Show or start a Saladmaster business, please enter your zip code below to find a Saladmaster Dealership near you.


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