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Marie C.

Best Gift Ever

My mom send me a salad master and I could say that this is one of the best gifts I've had as I loved to cook. Saladmaster is the perfect partner in preparing healthy and delicious meals. The meat tenderized exactly as it should be in less time than I am expecting using other cooking pots. Cooking with Saladmaster is a very rewarding cooking experience. It's all worth it.


Best Cookware

Been using SaladMaster for 2 months and have no issues and complains about this cookware. It has been the best cookware that I have used and my husband enjoys using it. Hard to pick which one is our favorite but we use the 2 electric skillet quite a lot for cooking rice and making home-cooked pizza. We have been recommending this cookware to friends and we were able to convince a few. In just 2 months of using it, this cookware has made a huge difference in our daily cooking routine and will be a huge impact to our health for


Claire C.

I Love Using My Saladmaster

I love using my Saladmaster. It’s easy to use and i know i am eating healthy foods! I also bought 1 set for my mom so they will cook and eat healthy as well! This is a surgical titanium steel! The best decision i made!🤍 the best cookware you can have!😍


I Was Introduced to Saladmaster…

I was introduced to saladmaster about 10 years ago and since then saladmaster was in my wish list. Recently I Bought Saladmaster set and love it. All pieces are very useful. With saladmaster quality all nutrients and minerals stays in your food which is very important for me and my family. It is pricey but it’s worth it. Personally know many people who own sets for almost 10 years and they use them everyday and all pots look like brand new. Definitely best option on the market!

Darick K.

My Wife and I Bought Saladmaster...

My wife and I bought Saladmaster cookware because we wanted to eat healthier. Our kids are now eating more veggies and we feel a lot more satisfied with our meals. Cooking is a breeze, and pots are easy to clean!

Vicki H.

I've Owned Saladmaster For Over 30 Years...

I've owned my Saladmaster for over 30 years and I love it. It's so easy to cook with it. I have several pieces that I use all the time. I love it because it stands up to all the use over the years. Every time I see a new piece come out I want it. I only have one piece that I've only used one time and don't really care for it, but all the rest I love.

Emily C.

I Invested in Saladmaster Electric…

I invested in Saladmaster Electric Skillet in June of 2020 in Saudi Arabia. Before I decided to invest, I attended first a face to face demo in March of 2020 just couple of weeks before the quarantine was implemented here in Saudi Arabia due to Pandemic. Upon knowing how healthy it would be if we cook our food in Saladmaster Cookware, without any doubt, I told myself, I must have this Salad Master Electric Skillet in my kitchen. With my Saladmaster ESkillet nothing would go wrong in anything that I cook. Cooking is made easier with my Saladmaster ESkillet because I just have to put my ingredients all together and have it cooked and done without pot watching. My Saladmaster Electric Skillet is really an amazing cookware 👌‼️


Saladmaster is The Best

Had been using my salad master ever since I bought a over a year ago and it made cooking quick and easy without the worries of burning my food

Ruth B.

Happy and Healthy Cook/Housewife

I gave to my sister the first set of Classic Saladmaster that I had so I bought a second set plus upgrades. I'm so satisfied and happy with every piece, that I use it everyday in all my cooking. Cooking with Saladmaster cookware is an inspiration. I believe in healthy cooking as I use less water and less oil.

Sheila T.

We Had a Small Saladmaster From...

We had a small Saladmaster from my grandmother.. it's the old model Saladmaster but it's 100% guaranteed that this product is the most trustworthy product when it comes in quality and safety for the consumers.

Kathleen M.

Saladmaster is a Healthy Choice

Saladmaster allows me to have a lifestyle of good health & good nutrition. So worth the price! Best investment 👌

Lolita F.

I Just Bought a Professional Set of…

I just bought a professional set of Saladmaster, and It’s really amazing how much you save your life for having a healthy, and nutritious food you’re cooking for your family. I hope everyone must be a good, and consumers like us.

Mercy G.

Saladmaster The Lifetime Partner

I have been using Saladmaster for almost 8 yrs this is the best ever kitchen utensils that I ever had. This is for a lifetime used and can pass on to my children to their children. Its very easy to clean and the food your cooking still remain the nutrient. Why not grab one now this is worth it to buy.


Love Using My Classic Set...

Love using my Classic Set by cooking Fried Chicken without oil & my waterless sinigang.

Diana C.

Healthier Cooking

Saladmaster was introduced to us more than 7 years ago. I never thought it was possible to cook fried chicken or fried porkchop without oil nor boil an egg or corn without water. It was such a saver because oil becomes a large expense when it accumulates over time. Also, dishes taste much better even with less salt, spices and sauce, highlighting the true taste of the ingredients. I taught cooking in my Home Economics class and I can say cooking with Saladmaster is one of the best methods to cook healthy foods.

Melinda G.

Saladmaster Is World Best

Saladmaster has been around 75 years and is truly the worlds finest health cooking system with the worlds best customer service which includes recipes and resources that are invaluable!!! You couldn’t take my Saladmaster from me for any price!!! I travel with it and cured my stomach problems cooking this way!!!! I have been cooking this way 26 years and love it! Thanks Saladmaster!!!!

Butsukoy T.

I Have Been Using My Saladmaster…

I have been using my Saladmaster cookwares since 2010. I love the most is my electric skillet because i can bring it anywhere i go. Plus the fact that I don’t need to use cooking oil when frying meat makes me guilt-less when eating fried food.


I Love My Saladmaster Cookware

I love my Saladmaster cookware! I’ve had it for about 9 years and I use it daily. It still looks like new. My favorite is the Saladmaster food processor. It makes meal prep so easy!

Tan Y.

No More Cinderella!

Thank you to SL for introducing a great cookware to me. Its make cooking life simpler, easier and no more hassle of starting up a Charcoal fire that make me like a Cinderella. With SMaster cookware. I can cook on stove directly, the food are delicious as cooking on Charcoal stove. Food have red infra red elements as charcoal stove. The flavour are fully extracted out during cooking process, thus body get full nutrients from the food fully. So my child face looks like blushed after taking food cooked using Salad Master. Previously I need to boil herbs 2 times in order to make sure the flavour fully extracted. Now just one time only, the flavours are fully extracted. I love to use SMaster to cook rice cos it ensure my rice are fully cook. The rice are cooked until we can sense it's cook on every single angle of rice. This SSteel products are easier to handle with no worries of cracking.

Melinda G.

I Love My Saladmaster

When approached to attend a presentation there was zero pressure and the team was amazing. The products seemed low quality because I am used to black teflon type coating but the metal used is very applicable to the task. Lower heat requirements, no need for oil, the pots handles detach to allow for use in the stove. Once you've adapted your new heat conversions your cooking becomes more efficient.

Joy T.

Took Me 4 Years to Get a Set

Took me 4 years to get a set. I should have gotten one when I first attended a cooking show since I fell in love with it already that first time. Fast forward to date, I love my Saladmaster. I now have 3 kids and cooking healthy and half the time required are something we need. At first I had some difficulty using my electric skillet and the stovetop skillet and always burning whatever I'm cooking,until I watched a lot of videos and asked other owners, now I don't have any cookware that is not a Saladmaster. You can definitely taste the difference when you're eating food cooked from other cookware.

Sandra C.

Great Value

I have used saladmaster for a while now. It has helped my family to prepare, cooked and eat the healthy way. Using Saladmaster cooking system has improved our lifestyle and eating habits. Really a great value for investment😊

Mabel M.

Healthy Home Cooking

Cooking has never been the same since Husband and I received the recently purchased set of Saladmaster. I am so in-love with the way how the foods were cooked and product is so amazing. When you feel it, you can already say that this product is made with high quality standards, and you will know that it will last for years. I am so grateful that we have our friend invited us for a demo and learned about this. This is truly life changing!!!

Linda N.

Saladmaster Cookware Cleaner

We inherited some pieces of Saladmaster cookware and some cleaner. We quickly exhausted the cleaner. I googled and found our local distributor, Grover Young. I contacted him and he expedited the cleaner to me.

Dairene P.

My Family Has Been Using Saladmaster…

My family has been using Saladmaster for 30years or more already. It was the best kitchen decision ever made in a home. The practicality and durability are the number one reason. And later on, I just found out the healthy side of it so brilliant to use Saladmaster. So I encourage everyone to invest in this kind of stuff. It won't let you down.


The Best COOKWARE Ever

I’ve had Saladmaster for almost 4 years and this has been a great investment for myself and family- it’s a clean way of cooking and the benefits are enormous! Being a medical Dr, I had to do a lot of research myself and I have never regretted investing in the product. Cooking has become very easy and simple, less time is spent in cooking , improved blood test results Re- cholesterol levels and blood sugar and above all paying less in our gas and electricity bills- Not forgetting the life time warranty on all the products! ‘ You are what you eat and what you cook in’- yes I agree-Saladmaster is always the best and will always be.

Christian G.

Satisfied With Saladmaster?

We are very much satisfied with the Saladmaster! Buying saladmaster is one of the best decisions we've made. Great quality. No regrets. It's the best cookware out there. 👌

Evelyn R.

Everything is Good

Everything is good, my consultant Lani and Mike here In Baltimore are awesome! I own my SM since last march 2021 but I've been dreaming since 2009 way back when I was in Tx. I can cook fast and save my time! This product is my gift to my family, and healthy cooking is #1 priority.


Saladmaster is Best of the Best...

Saladmaster is best of the best healthy cooking system on the planet!!! Easy and simple cooking method witch save vitamins and minerals is most important thing in the time what we live!!!! I highly recommend for anyone who needs a better life!

Melinda V.

I Purchased a Saladmaster Set in...

I purchased a Saladmaster set in the late 70s and have been using it until today. It is a lifetime investment.

Monica G.

I Love My Saladmaster

I love my Saladmaster pans! We them EVERY day and They are wonderful. I love how it tells you with the clicks when it is up to temperature without taking off the lid. They are a little pricey, but I am so glad that we purchased the set that we did.

Karen B.

Saladmaster is Second to None

Saladmaster cookware is second to none! I have a daughter who has a congenital hypothyroidism and her food intake is of utmost priority. Having saladmaster not just made our daily cooking routine easier but also had put my mind at ease because of all the benefits saladmaster has to offer.

Budz Q.

53 Years Owner of Saladmster

My father bought our Saldmster set in 1968, and we are still using it now.

Maria A.

My Mom Loves Saladmaster

Why am I sending this review? It is because of my Mom, whom I always heard her say, use my Salad master it's very nice and heavy that food can be cooked easily and it's also very durable. Since then this brand was stuck in my head. Up to this moment, my Mom still have her one and only favorite cookware brand and that's the " Salad master". I planned on buying her another set and I still want and planning to give her one... More power and never ever change anything from the product so you can still have the best.

Dhan V.

My Wife and My Mom Love to Cook

My wife and my mom love to cook so I bought a presentation set of Saladmaster cookware, including the oil-filled electric skillet. I’m an Engineer, so I have a knowledge what 316 stainless steel is all about, and I talked to my wife the beauty of Saladmaster so we decided to upgrade our set. Now we have a Master Set. and we are so happy and pleased.

Cristopher L.

Healthy Lifestyle

My wife explained to me the benefits of having Saladmaster Cookwares and I'm 101% convinced to buy a set for our family to have a healthy lifestyle. She even became a Saladmaster Sales Consultant because she wanted to inspire others to live and eat healthy!

Letecia S.

I've Been Using Saladmaster...

I've been using saladmaster cookware for 4 years the food taste great I cook our rice their and it so convenient to use especially the electric skillet and it's easy to clean with surface master.

Mila C.

Saladmaster Checks Off All Boxes!

Cooking is not among my top skills so I was delighted to discover Saladmaster cookware which would help me with the process, in addition to contributing to my health. I love the "dump" method which is so easy, efficient and pretty much a "no brainer" approach. I particularly like the Saladmaster Food Processor which saves me so much effort and time in slicing veggies ( I have issues with my hands.) The quality of the cookware is without question top class, and the consistency of heat produced is something I can count on. Cleaning is a breeze plus the fact that being a waterless, oil-less medium, makes for a very healthy equipment. Being Diabetic, I am so thankful that I can create healthy meals. Saladmaster cookware has far exceeded my expectations! Admittedly, it is on the pricey-side but I consider it an investment in health, plus a legacy for my daughter.