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Saladmaster® Stainless Steel Electric Skillets

An electric skillet serves as one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen. It frees up stove space by plugging into an outlet. You can fry and sauté your meals as well as deep fry, bake, roast and serve food from the pot. Saladmaster offers the highest quality stainless steel electric skillets. 

Benefits of Saladmaster Electric Skillets

Whether you're having a small date night dinner or hosting a holiday meal for your relatives, electric skillets help you efficiently cook your recipes. A smokeless broiler provides cookout flavor for conveniently making foods like steaks, shish kabobs, pork chops, and corn or other vegetables. 

Saladmaster cookware offer many benefits, including:  

  • Even heating: A liquid core stainless steel electric skillet perfectly cooks food by dispersing gentle, even heat across the surface and up the sides of the pan.
  • Better control over temperature: Versa Touch™ electronic probe settings provide control over precise temperatures with a timer included for convenience.
  • Space savings: Plugging your skillet into an outlet on a counter surface frees your stovetop space.
  • Energy efficiency: Save energy with our cookware, which reduces cooking time due to our semi-vacuum cooking method and Vapo-Valve™ technology.
  • Immersible in water: Removable touch-pad heat controls make the skillets fully immersible in water for easy cleaning.
  • Cooler kitchen: The sealed cover on our electric skillets keeps heat from entering your kitchen, keeping the temperature lower.

We offer a few cookware options for your various cooking needs, such as our Electric Oil Core SkilletMulti-Purpose Oil Core Skillet and Smokeless Broiler

Other Cookware Features and Benefits

Cook flavorful sauces, soups, stews, chilies, meats and vegetables with durable kitchen equipment that'll last for generations. Saladmaster offers stainless steel skilletssaucepans and roasters with covers for your cooking needs. Our cookware have shown superior strength for years with the following benefits:

  • Improved nutrition: Live a healthier lifestyle by not needing butter and oil when you use our non-stick cookware.
  • Preserved flavors: Our 316Ti stainless steel doesn't react with your food's acids and enzymes, keeping your ingredients pure.
  • Easier pouring: Each cookware set features a wide dripless edge for clean pouring.
  • Faster cooking: Built-in Vapo-Valve™ technology signals when your cookware reaches the desired temperature so that you can reduce the heat and lock in the flavors of your meal without it overheating.
  • Educational resources: Saladmaster provides cooking demonstrations online, at your home and in storefronts. Enjoy learning new recipes and practice using your stainless cookware with these resources.

How to Purchase Saladmaster Cookware

Ready to enhance your cooking? Invest in user-friendly cookware with quality materials. Friends and family will enjoy your flavorful and nutritious dishes. 

Our company specializes in providing the tools and resources you need to be a skilled and confident chef in your kitchen. After enjoying your efficient and clean cooking, pass your cookware onto the next generation with our limited lifetime warranty. 

Visit our location page to connect with a dealer near you. You can buy a skillet or other cookware, host a cooking class, or start a Saladmaster business today.