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Mixing bowls are a staple in any kitchen that ensure meal prep is as quick and efficient as possible. Whether you need a mixing bowl for tossing salads, stirring batters or mixing dough, investing in insulated metal bowls from Saladmaster® is a great choice for a healthy cookware option.

316Ti Metal Construction

At Saladmaster, we make our mixing bowls with 316Ti stainless steel. This material is a titanium-stabilized variation of alloy 316 with titanium added during the steel formation. With the added titanium, this mixing bowl offers improved corrosion resistance while maintaining the flavor of foods during the cooking process.

In addition to being resistant to rust, our 316Ti mixing bowls do not have any nonstick coatings, which can break down and release toxic gases over time. This means you can continue using your metal bowls without fear of health hazards.

Our double wall metal bowls are also easy to clean and disinfect, as they are nonporous with a sealed surface that air and liquid can't move through. Since food cannot penetrate the bowl's surface, you can easily remove buildup that may lead to germs and bacteria.

Benefits of Our Bowls

Our sleek mixing bowls maintain their bright silver shine, so you can use and love these products for years after purchase. In addition to maintaining a sparkling exterior, these bowls let you use whisks, electric mixers and other sharp utensils to combine ingredients without worrying about scratching or denting their surfaces. 

Some additional benefits of our insulated stainless steel bowls include:

  • Durable: Unlike other mixing bowl options, such as glass, your stainless steel mixing bowl won't break if you drop it. We designed our double wall metal bowls to be strong so that they can withstand falls and drops without significant damage.
  • Lightweight: Our stainless steel bowls are lightweight for an improved user experience. These mixing bowls enable you to easily hold, pour and clean them to improve the kitchen experience.
  • Multipurpose: Our mixing bowls are an excellent option for storing or freezing ingredients and leftovers. Our three-piece mixing bowl set contains bowls in three different sizes that you can use for varying meals and storage purposes, or you can invest in one of our single bowls in sizes ranging from 1.5 quarts to 6.5 quarts.

Add Our Stainless Steel Bowls to Your Cookware Collection Today

Making delicious meals is easy with a stainless steel salad bowl from Saladmaster. Our stainless steel cookware offers exceptional value to ensure you have access to the highest quality kitchen necessities. To learn more about our cookware and browse our selection of mixing bowls, you can speak with an independent dealer or explore our cookware reviews today!