Executive Bios

Executive Bios

Saladmaster's Leadership Team

Liliana Arce
Vice President & General Manager

Liliana Arce, Saladmaster’s Vice President and General Manager, supports the success of Independent Authorized Saladmaster Dealers and Cooking Coaches by leading the global strategic direction on all business plans and programs that keep the Saladmaster business opportunity relevant and competitive. In her role, Liliana will manage global business operations, execute strategic leadership, oversee all business planning, and define communications. Liliana’s goal is to strengthen and meet business objectives, along with driving growth, to position Saladmaster in leading the movement back to healthy, home cooking.

As a seasoned executive, Liliana brings over 20 years direct selling experience in the houseware industry. Her wealth of global sales and marketing knowledge, along with her passion for serving entrepreneurs, make her the perfect fit for Saladmaster’s Vice President and General Manager role. Liliana has led multi-functional and multi-cultural teams across Asia Pacific and the Americas through global growth strategies, brand transformation, and by expanding brand access to new consumers and channels.

Liliana thrives on creating a culture with a “passion to win” through trust and continuous learning to help develop strong leaders throughout the company. Closely aligned with Saladmaster’s core values, Liliana has earned several humanitarian awards and is actively involved in the community through different organizations that help change lives by inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.

Liliana received both her Bachelor and Master of Science from the University of Central Florida and holds an Executive MBA from the Rollins College School of Business.

Favorite Inspirational Quote:
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Magali Madariaga
Vice President, Marketing

Magali Madariaga is a magnetic business leader with over 16 years of experience in brand and marketing management, product innovation, and licensing across different product categories in the US, Mexico, Latam, and EMEA. Her work in the food industry has made her acutely aware of the health issues affecting people worldwide, and she is committed to creating tangible solutions to improve people's lives.

Since August 2022, Magali has been leading the Global Marketing team for Saladmaster. In this role, she is focused on building Saladmaster's awareness as a Health and Wellness brand that supports in transforming people's lives by educating them on healthy eating through a unique cooking system. She recognizes that Saladmaster is a tangible solution to help address health issues around the world, particularly as a preventive tool. Her commitment to Saladmaster is to have an impact on the betterment of overall humanity's health, and she plans to partner with NGOs and the private sector to drive awareness and promote healthy eating.

Before joining Saladmaster, Magali held the VP Brands and Licensing position for 4 years with tcc global, a Dutch loyalty marketing company. In this role, she led anew brand acquisitions of housewares brands, product development, and marketing campaign development for grocery retailers around the world. The marketing campaigns encouraged people to cook at home and to make healthy choices in their daily lives. By promoting these healthier options and encouraging people to make better choices, Magali was able to have a positive impact on the overall health and wellness of the communities her brands served.

Prior to her role at tcc, Magali spent 4+ years leading Marketing/Innovation for Mission Foods. She revamped all core brands and developed a 5-year innovation pipeline that allowed the brand to maintain its category leadership and gain market share from adjacent categories. She recognized the need to improve the brand's portfolio and focused on introducing new products that were better for consumers, such as organic and non-GMO options, Gluten Free, High Fiber and ither new high nutrition ingredients.

Magali's marketing roots began in 2006 when she joined PepsiCo in Mexico City. During her 7 years at PepsiCo, she managed several global roles within Brand Marketing and Innovation, including managing some of the iconic billion-dollar brands such as Tostitos and Lays Innovation across different Business Units in Mexico, LATAM, and the USA. In this role, she focused on building a better-for-you portfolio by launching products with healthier ingredients, reducing sodium levels, and improving overall nutrition. When leading Sonric’s, Pepsico’s confectionery for children, her passion for improving children's health and supporting in reducing obesity was truly fueled. Her dedication to improving the lives of children has remained strong, and she continues to be inspired by the impact her work can have on people's health and well-being.

Favorite Inspirational Quote:
“Anything is Possible”

Mark Jones
Senior Vice President, European/Middle East/Africa Division

Mark started with Saladmaster in 2006, when he was brought into the company through Ayo Olaseinde. Mark quickly became a Saladmaster Dealer and was crucial in helping build out the European and Middle East regions by developing multiple Dealerships across the division. His personal Dealership broke Saladmaster’s UK record for main office sales with 221 sales in one month.

Mark has reached the prestigious title of Master Dealer 8 times, and was promoted to a Regional Manager in 2017. In this role, Mark was key to doubling the regional growth in just under two years. In 2019, Mark was promoted to the Senior Vice President of the EMEA Division, where his goal is to help grow and lead his Division by example and with passion.

Favorite Inspirational Quote:
“TRAINING will make you GREAT!”

Terry White
Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific Division

Terry has long been a well-known direct marketing and direct selling executive and country manager with a focus on brands, communications, marketing, and sales. He has also developed a reputation for digital transformation in established companies.

Today, he leads the APAC Division for Saladmaster with parallel responsibilities for strategy and transformation.

He has more than 20 years experience in direct selling after careers in the Australian military and diplomacy. A data whisperer, he uses fact-driven analysis to lift top- and bottom-line outcomes. He revels in the challenge of taking businesses into digital landscapes while retaining brand integrity and engagement. Terry believes that channel integration wins out over simple channel addition. He is native-level fluent in both spoken and written Japanese.

He led global digital marketing initiatives for Top 10 companies in the industry before taking Japan affiliate P&L responsibility in a number of companies. In March 2011 as the MD of a Japan affiliate, Terry had to deal with the impact of the massive earthquake and tsunami - and got the company operational again in 4 days.

A champion of integrated marcoms and omni-channel brand voices, he leverages his knowledge of digital and non-digital media to impact top- and bottom-line performance. With a proven record in marketing communications, branding, and transformation, Terry excels at the strategic application of e-commerce, CRM and social media tools. His focus on data and metrics means that stakeholders can see into both performance and outcomes.

Terry believes that the right team is the secret to transformation, and is known as a talent magnet because he articulates a clear vision and coaches people towards personal and collective success.

Pamela Ferry
Senior Vice President, APAC Division Integrator

An all-round sales leader, with over 20 years’ experience in the global direct selling industry, Pamela Ferry has been partnering with distributors to build strong teams and relationships. Pamela practices a balanced approach creating an empowering environment that enables distributors and their teams to grow their businesses while remaining laser focused on individuals and helping them grow as business leaders.

A proficient presenter, trainer, educator, relationship builder & events professional, Pam has a strong goal to coach & motivate for team performance.

International market expansion has been a highlight of Pamela’s career including relaunching slow performing markets leading them on to a growth trajectory. Pamela is passionate about bringing out the best in individuals and organizations to enable them to perform at their best, ultimately building a space where success can thrive.

Speaking of thriving, Pamela has a lifestyle that reflects her business philosophy. From travelling the globe to practicing yoga and meditation and serving others as a Certified Wellness Coach, Pamela has devoted her career and lifestyle to creating more abundance and wellness for others as well as for herself. Her secret is to maintain balance because we are here to enjoy life.

Donna Miles
Senior Vice President, Americas Division Integrator

Dedicated Direct Selling professional with a passion for championing the traditions of economic freedom through service, inspirational leadership and entrepreneurial growth now serving the Saladmaster Eagle Division of the Americas. Donna comes with 25 years’ Executive experience in a leading Global Direct Selling Corporation where she implemented strategic market segmentation approaches for talent development, Selling Success Systems, and efficiencies in back-office systems for tracking, reporting, and maximizing overall Leadership Team Success in North American markets. Her team earned Innovation Awards and Finalist in Direct Selling Association’s Horizon Award for innovation in sales development. In addition to a 25-year corporate leadership position she has professionally coached and developed other direct seller’s start-up organizations working in the categories of health & wellness, insurance, and skincare.

Donna has a Business Degree with a concentration in Leadership Management as well as certifications from Direct Selling World Alliance, Coach Approach Business Management and Les Brown Maximum Achievement/Platinum Speaker Team.

Donna believes in the Direct Selling traditions of independence, servant leadership and doing the right thing when no one is looking. She loves the relationship-based business opportunities that can impact someone’s life every day through a simple invitation to see the business. Her commitment to the Entrepreneurial opportunity runs deep in her family with lessons she learned from holding hands: Two hands you hold for guidance as you learn and grow, two hands you hold as you embark on new adventures and grow and the hands you extend to someone else that can shape their destiny for the next generation.

The success of our tomorrow’s are in our two hands – won’t you share your opportunity today?

Abigail Chamorro
Divisional Controller

Abigail Chamorro, Saladmaster’s Divisional Controller, is a highly accomplished and analytically-oriented finance executive with an impressive history of driving innovation and efficiency in the field of accounting and finance. Throughout her career, has served as strategic thought leader contributing to development of best-in-class finance teams and her dedication to strategic thinking and hands-on approach has made her a valued partner to organizations to lead the vision and strategy with hands-on approach.

Currently leading the financial frontiers at Saladmaster, with her passion for numbers and innovative approach to business, she is a driving force in shaping the company's financial path.

With expertise in financial reporting, analysis, and compliance, Abi ensures Saladmaster's financial operations are nothing short of stellar. Her skillset extends to budget management, forecasting, and internal audit, providing invaluable insights for strategic decision-making.

Abigail’s unique approach to business is characterized by her visionary thinking and commitment to process automation. She consistently seeks ways to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and drive continuous improvement, making her an indispensable asset to the organization.

Throughout her career, Abigail has demonstrated unwavering dedication, a friendly and collaborative approach, and a knack for tackling challenges head-on. Her bilingual (Spanish) and multicultural mindset along with her global experience coupled with her financial prowess, make her a standout leader in multicultural environments.

As Divisional Controller at Saladmaster, Abigail Chamorro continues to chart a path of financial excellence, inspiring her team to greater heights and steering the company toward a prosperous future.

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