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Saladmaster Food Processor Saladmaster Food Processor Saladmaster Food Processor
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This handy, simple-to-use food processor is the original Saladmaster product. It became an icon of the mid-century American kitchen for its ingenious design and superior functionality — allowing you to slice and grate all types of foods, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheeses, and meats. The heavily chrome-plated base and hopper is guaranteed not to chip, peel, or pit, giving you a lifetime of superb service. The five micro-keen cutting cones are constructed of high quality stainless steel and consist of a shredder, stringer, French fryer, thin slicer, and waffle cutter.

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The Saladmaster Food Processor includes: food guide, hopper, clutch plate, crank and handle, base and feet with suction cups, and cutting cones with number stamped on the base: no. 1 — shredder, no. 2 — stringer, no. 3 — French fryer, no. 4 — thin slicer, no. 5 — waffler.

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Material - Triple chrome-plated zinc, stainless steel, suction cups | Weight - 7 lbs. | Length & Height - 14” x 10.5” 

Product Review
2020-09-13 patsy P.
1950 salad master.

I have my sisters salad master she bought in 1950. I am still using it. The cones are a bit rusty but it still works. Would love to get a new one.

2019-09-19 Chelsy F.
Fast and easy

I love this machine, the best kitchen gadget ever. You can cook stirfry noodles in less than 15 minutes because of the time saved from chopping all those vegetables!

2018-09-11 Samantha O.
I would definitely purchase another one

I have used a Saladmaster food processor that I bought some time ago. It works really well and so smoothly. I love it. It's amazing. Couldn't ask for better. It's like using a professional product from a Chef's Kitchen. I really enjoy all the features of the Saladmaster food processor. It gets the job done and for the price you just can't beat it. I would definitely purchase another one. I would like to see other products from Saladmaster and would be more than willing to pay the price.

2018-09-11 Emily M.
The food processor is extremely lightweight

The thing I like the most is how the food processor is extremely lightweight. I can move it around the kitchen if I need to without a problem and even lift it if I need to. I love the product and want to buy other products made by Saladmaster for my kitchen!

2018-09-11 Elizabeth V.
The food processor is so incredibly awesome

I am extremely satisfied with my cookware from Saladmaster! I love them! I definitely recommend to my friends, family, coworkers and everyone else. The food processor is so incredibly awesome, it makes chopping, cutting, dicing, slicing, easy with potatoes, veggies, cheese and etc… I definitely wouldn’t use or choose anything else! Its blades are awesome, stay sharp and intact. I’ve never had complaints with my products from Saladmaster!

2018-09-11 Tonya C.
Works really well in my kitchen

I purchased the Saladmaster food processor from a family member and I've really enjoyed it. It has worked really well for me in my kitchen. I really enjoy using the food processor when preparing a meal and I really like the food processor for many reasons. It's a reliable product and seems to be very well made.

2018-06-27 Lynnzi B.
Prep Time Cut in Half

I love this machine and use it for everything! Eggplant, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Squash, Onions, Butternut Squash, Carrots you name it I use this machine to chop everything. I am a personal chef and own and meal delivery service, this has cut my prep time in half. Everything is the same and it make my food go further. This is the greatest tool in my tool box. Even more important than my knife. Have all your veggies chopped so they are easy to cook up fast.

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