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1 Qt. (.9L) Sauce Pan with Cover

Product Info

Works well for simultaneously cooking two 10-ounce packages of frozen vegetables. The pan holds more of your food choice because you do not need to add water. This is the ideal pan for making homemade fresh baby food.

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Product Review
2020-03-17 박범진

2019-05-27 Sadie A.
Not too small

I have 2 of these and use them all the time for so much. It seems small and even if you don't normally use a size like this you'll want this one! I do oats, veggies, re-heating, small meatloaf, hard cooked eggs, banana bread, you name it.

2019-05-27 Valeria G
Didn’t know I needed this

I got my first Saladmaster about 30 years ago, but I didn’t pick up on a small saucepan. A few years ago I decided to fill in some holes and this caught my eye. This is now a go to pot, used almost daily. It’s the perfect size for making grains, warming up leftovers, boiling eggs, melting chocolate, etc. And I can use much less water than the larger pots, which as a mountain desert dweller I really appreciate. You won’t regret it.

2019-02-21 chanelle T.
love this piece!

I can do food prepping! I do 10"hard boiled eggs" with about 1-2 ounces of water! I couldn't believe it holds ten! I also like to melt chocolate, make hot cocoa, cranberry sauce in it! yeah this piece is a keeper for me!

2018-06-27 Lynnzi B.
Microwave Replacer

I love using this to reheat any food I am going to eat. It is just as fast as a microwave yet not killing my food. I can also make 1.5 cups of rice in it and I can also make a small lasagna in it. I love how this can hard boil eggs about 5 with no water. I can use this piece for everything. Have a baby and want to make peas, and corn. Boom put them in here and they are done in 2 minutes.

2018-06-27 Kaylee R.
super sauce pan!

We love this little piece. It's the perfect amount of vegetables for our family. Great for morning oats and small sauces!! Don't let the size fool you. It's one of our most used pieces.

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