Saladmaster Changes Lives with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Action Plan Establishes Strategy for Long-Term Impact on Global Community


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Saladmaster Changes Lives with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Action Plan Establishes Strategy for Long-Term Impact on Global Community

Saladmaster is leading the movement back to healthy home cooking. But the company also seeks to change lives through its newly developed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

The CSR initiative has three components to it:

  • Philanthropy. Saladmaster works with organizations related to diabetes awareness and the prevention of diabetes (such as the American Diabetes Association, UK Diabetes, and other programs in other markets).
  • Environmental Impact. Saladmaster commits to sustainability best practices that preserve the Earth’s resources, including recycling programs, sustainable packaging, and other “green” initiatives.
  • Volunteerism. Saladmaster creates and encourages local volunteerism opportunities at all events and travel clubs. This volunteerism promotes charitable efforts on a global scale and inspires those communities.

The foundation of Saladmaster is built on helping others and improving lives. With Saladmaster’s core values — family, excellence, integrity, passion and empowerment — serving as the company’s cultural cornerstones, they will partner with organizations that share the same values and help improve lives around the world by providing a healthier lifestyle.

Examples of CSR at work this year:

  • GK 77 Saladmaster. About half of the Philippines’ 88 million people live in rural areas. Almost 80 percent of the country’s poor people live there. For many years, Saladmaster Dealers have worked with Gawad Kalinga, an organization that aims to end poverty in the Philippines, to build a village in Pototan Iloilo. Our Dealers provide quality housing and the necessary infrastructure to support the people there.

    On January 5, 2019, Dealers visited “GK 77 Saladmaster” village in Pototan Iloilo to dedicate the completion of several new houses. In total, 22 Dealers contributed to the village. There is no better reflection of Saladmaster’s tagline, We Change Life™, than the collective efforts of our team members with this initiative.

  • Charities in Peru. On May 18-23, Saladmaster hosted its annual trip with top Dealers in the company. They continued their “World of Wonders” series with a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru. While there, the Dealers raised money for two local charities—Chicuchas Wasi School for Girls ( and Casa Mantay Shelter for Young Mothers ( This fundraising represented the first step in Saladmaster’s new effort to support local charities wherever they host events.
  • Food Banks in Phoenix. During Saladmaster’s International Dealer Retreat in Phoenix, Arizona, Saladmaster volunteers organized and packed almost 1500 lbs of donated food items at the Desert Mission Food Bank and St. Mary’s Food Bank.

    “I believe this was another good step along our path to establish the culture of giving back and making a positive impact on the communities we travel to for our company events,” Andrew Royal, Vice President and General Manager of Saladmaster, said.
  • Stove Distribution in Nigeria. Over 2 million people have been displaced, forced out of their homes from terrorist attacks in Nigeria. Roshan Global Services, in partnership with Saladmaster, have been distributing cook stoves to the displaced women. The stoves themselves use less fuel and omit less smoke, making them cleaner and more efficient.

    The stoves allow women to cook for their families in a cleaner way after being displaced from their homes. It’s one way that Saladmaster is improving the quality of life for people around the world.
    “We are here because we want to give succor to these displaced families,” said Happy Amos, CEO of Roshan Global Services. “Together with our amazing partner Saladmaster, today, they have cook stoves that use less oil and emit less smoke. Their lives will be made better.”

    This video shows how these stoves are making a difference:

  • Diabetes Prevention. Saladmaster collaborated with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and UK Diabetes in 2019 to help educate others on the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. In 2020, Saladmaster will have a new opportunity to educate and train Saladmaster Independent Authorized Dealers through the ADA Program with nutritional information to help prevent diabetes and improve one’s overall being.
  • Holiday Food Drive. Saladmaster Dealers, Distributors, and Home Office Team Members went to GRACE Donation Center in Grapevine, Texas to donate food items gathered during the Regal Ware Food Drive and to volunteer at the center. Additionally, Saladmaster has encouraged all our Dealers to help give back to their communities throughout the month as part of a "November to Remember.”

Saladmaster’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative will be the leading effort of the organization’s social and economic commitment. The company will continue to improve their customers, employees and communities’ lives by giving back globally.


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