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Celebrating 75 Years with Our 12 Qt. Special Edition Roaster
Jul. 5, 2021

Celebrating 75 Years with Our 12 Qt. Special Edition Roaster

We’re pleased to introduce our 12 Qt. Special Edition Roaster featuring a laser etch to commemorate our 75th anniversary. Here at Saladmaster, we have been leading the movement back to healthy home cooking for over seven decades and what better way to celebrate than with a special edition piece.

Transform The Way You Cook and How You Feel
Jun. 1, 2021

Transform The Way You Cook and How You Feel

Feeling great starts from within and with the food you consume. The old saying you are what you eat is very true. When we eat healthy foods that are cooked in the right way we feel more energised, more satisfied and make better choices about the types of foods we eat.

Healthier cooking leads to a healthier lifestyle that can make you feel great. At Saladmaster, we are leading the movement back to healthy home cooking, and cooking the Saladmaster way can help you transform not only the way you cook but how you feel too.

From Kitchen to Table with the MP5
May. 10, 2021

From Kitchen to Table with the MP5

If you are looking for a versatile, easy to use addition to your kitchen then the 5 Qt. Multi-Purpose Oil Core Roaster with Cover or MP5 is for you.

Ideal as a rice cooker, stockpot or slow cooker, the MP5 makes cooking easy and quick. Using its self-contained oil core heating system means that the MP5 will not take up space on your stovetop and provides gentle, even heating.

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Top Travel Destinations

Interesting Vacation Spots in the U.S. and Across the World

During the summer, when people are considering travel across the U.S. and the world, they usually think about some of the more popular destinations. In the U.S., it’s Orlando, New York City, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and—of course, Hawaii. For worldwide travel, Rome, London, and Tokyo are the most popular. These locales can also be extremely spendy.

However, with a little bit of preplanning, if you are willing to try something different, you might save money on a truly unique and memorable vacation experience.

Here are some suggestions for new places to visit and explore:

In the United States

5. Grand Haven, Michigan – For a Great Lakes getaway, Grand Haven is a nice town that captures the summer vacation spirit. Stroll on a boardwalk with ice cream shops nearby and a lighthouse in the distance.

4. Santa Fe, New Mexico – As Darley Newman, TV host of Travels with Darley, once said, “Santa Fe never goes out of style, but with an ever-growing adventure travel scene, a slew of special events and restaurants and spas that nurture the body and soul, it should be on your 2019 travel radar.”

3. Nashville, Tennessee – Nashville is a Mecca for the music industry. In recent years, it’s also been making a name for itself with art and fashion—and several boutique hotels available to weekend tourists.

2. Phoenix, Arizona – Right now, our Saladmaster Dealers are staying in Phoenix at the historic Biltmore Hotel (opened in 1929) for the International Dealer Retreat. They are having a blast there. We think you would too.

1. Fort Collins, Colorado – Nicknamed “FoCo,” this happening travel destination has an energetic art scene and vibrant maker culture. It’s also home to some world famous craft breweries and beloved farm-to-table restaurants.

Across the World 

5. Mexico – Mexico is a large country with a rich culture, beautiful natural settings, and some amazing food. The central and coastal regions are especially wonderful places to explore.

4. The Philippines – The Philippines archipelago has gorgeous islands and hidden dive sites. Be My Travel Muse recommends, “If you choose to travel during shoulder seasons [between peak and off-peak seasons], book your flights and plan your journey way in advance (it is not the country to always wing it!), and try to stick within 1-2 regions, the Philippines can still be affordable.”

3. Korea – From the popular travel website, the Lonely Planet, “The Korean Peninsula offers the traveler a dazzling range of experiences, beautiful landscapes and 5000 years of culture and history.” We’ve been interested in the 10-day Boryeong Mud Festival, which attracts more than a million attendees.

2. Spain – To quote Nomadic Matt, “Life in Spain moves slowly and runs late. Everyone here is just enjoying life. Which is why traveling and backpacking Spain is so much fun.” As an added bonus, it’s a very inexpensive European country to visit.

1. Ghana – As one of Africa’s great success stories, this country has experienced some fast-paced development in recent years. People enjoy this tropical paradise for its rich history, cultural diversity, and amazing sites, including castles and forts. Plus, it’s extremely hospitable to tourists.

A Friendly Reminder

Make sure to do your own research before booking flights and hotels. Talk with people who have gone there before or speak with a trusted travel agent for their suggestions.

Where are some of your favorite places to visit? Let us know and share with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Make sure to use our #Saladmaster hashtag.

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