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Saladmaster Holiday Gift Guide

Premium Kitchenware for the Stocking and Under the Tree

The best gifts to give during the holidays are ones that will last a lifetime. You don’t want to buy something that will ultimately go unused and gather dust in the attic. Saladmaster provides a wide range of premium family products for the kitchen, built for a lifetime of daily use. When you buy something from an Independent Authorized Saladmaster Dealership, it’s a gift that will be a cherished day after day.

But with so many products, where do you start? We hope this holiday gift guide will give you some direction for what might work in a stocking, under the tree, or possibly something even larger. If any of these items interest you, contact your nearest Dealership — and they can assist you.

Stocking Stuffers

When people think of Saladmaster, they usually think of our premium cookware sets or maybe even our iconic Food Processor. However, we offer lots of great smaller items that would make for thoughtful stocking stuffers.


Keep in mind: You may want to carefully wrap any sharp gifts, if you plan on putting them in a stocking! This seems like common sense, but let’s keep in mind that “lawn darts” were once a popular Christmas toy.

Kitchen Shears – These shears are made from hot-hammered forgings, the very best process for producing quality kitchen tools. Correctly hardened, precisely ground, and properly finished blades assure clean cuts at all times. Shears come apart for easy cleaning and sterilization. You’d be amazed how often people use the wrong kind of shears for the kitchen. They leave the kitchen and rummage through the office desk to find paper-cutting scissors. Then those scissors get misplaced. One simple gift solves this common problem.

Santoku Knife – This knife is included in the cutlery set (see below), but it can be ordered separately. Make sure to contact your local Saladmaster Dealer for more information. The Santoku Knife is a general purpose kitchen knife for slicing, dicing, and mincing. It will get a lot of use. Every kitchen needs one.

Garnishing Spoon – Here’s a fun Saladmaster secret. You won’t find the garnishing spoon on our website, but this beautiful item was included as part of a limited edition product in October 2017. You can still purchase it though. Your Dealer can order it through the Open Stock program. It’s an amazing item for home chefs that want to add an elegant touch to the meal presentation. They’ll be delighted when they can garnish their entrees to look like something that came from a five-star gourmet restaurant.

For Under the Tree

The stocking stuffers are nice, but the gifts under the tree are the main attraction. These four items showcase the variety of premium productions available from Saladmaster—each gift, an invaluable part of a busy kitchen.

3.5 Qt. Double Walled Salad Bowl – This bowl is designed for mixing medium-size quantities of ingredients for baking, canning, and family recipes. It’s double walled construction allows the bowl, when chilled, to stay cool, making it perfect for a batch of cut-out cookies or serving your favorite salad. Aesthetically designed, it is an elegant serving piece and coordinates beautifully with the Saladmaster Food Processor.

1 Qt. Sauce Pan with Cover – Works well for simultaneously cooking two 10-ounce packages of frozen vegetables. This is the ideal pan for smaller side dishes or even homemade baby food. Every kitchen needs a small pan that often becomes the trusted workhorse of every home cooked meal.

Cutlery Set – German-designed cutlery set is made of 440 professional-grade stainless steel, providing superior hardness for durability and sharpness. Set includes: paring knife, boning knife, santoku knife, carving knife, chef knife, scalloped bread knife, turning fork, honing steel and wooden knife block. Every family needs a good set of cutlery. This is it.

11 in. Square Griddle – Features thermal core construction for perfect even heat distribution. You won’t need to add oil, not even for pancakes. The unique removable handle is particularly useful here. The griddle won’t jut out from the stovetop. You can simply reattach the handle, when you’re ready to flip or slide the food onto your plate.

Something Bigger

If you want a holiday gift they won’t forget, our cookware sets are designed to accommodate a variety of kitchen needs. It’s a complete system for your kitchen, which any Saladmaster Dealer would be happy to show you how to use.

Master Set – For the everyday cook or experienced chef looking for optimum versatility, this set equips your kitchen and includes the essential pieces needed for cooking all types of recipes. This set covers all the bases, but still leaves some room if you’d like to buy some more Saladmaster items for next year.

Connect with Saladmaster

To learn more about what Saladmaster can do for you, please contact a dealer, and enjoy tasting the Saladmaster difference by hosting a cooking show.

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