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Saladmaster Reviews

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  • I have used the Saladmaster Skillet and Roaster and I like that Saladmaster offers faster cooking with their Vapo-Valve™ technology. No need to add butter or oil. It still has great flavor and taste with the water less cooking method. This cookware is awesome and I plan on buying more. I use it more than I do the other cookware I own, and I would recommend it to all my friends.
    Debi - Customer, Pennsylvania USA
  • I'm not someone who takes the time to review products, but I really feel I should share my experience so it can help others. Before Saladmaster, my wife and I didn't cook. We really disliked the effort that went into it. So we would eat out or have to begrudgingly cook. We've now had our Saladmaster cookware for 4 years and we truly enjoy cooking this way. It really is such a simpler way to cook.
    Joseph - Customer, Florida USA
  • Saladmaster is sturdy and well made. I like the stainless steel look. I can use them with my family and friends without wondering if they will look bad. They are versatile and the cooking heat system seems to spread well AND evenly. I'm proud of my pans and talk about them often!
    Tina - Customer, Texas USA
  • Investing in my Saladmaster Cookware Set was one of the best decisions I have made short term and long term. The food I prepare and cook tastes amazing, the cookware is time and energy efficient, cleans perfectly, stacks tidily, and looks amazing.
    Dana - Customer, USA
  • My husband and I purchased the full Saladmaster Set in 1967 and though the price was pretty high for us then, we found through the years it was well worth it. I have enjoyed my Saladmaster cookware for over 50 years and hopefully will enjoy cooking in it until the day I die and then my daughter will enjoy it.
    Wretha A. - Customer, Alabama USA
  • Saladmaster is well made and durable and the price is reasonable. The handles of the products are comfortable in my hands. The lids fit well. The products can be put in the dishwasher or washed by hand and are easily cleaned.
    Lynn - Customer, Missouri USA
  • I purchased my Saladmaster cookware in 1988 after using my Mom's Saladmaster cookware when I lived at home with my parents before getting out on my own. To this day, 1/14/2018, I am still using every piece of it and am still in love with this cookware. I have never made a better investment or seen a better product of any kind in my 60 something years on this earth!
    Sharon - Customer, North Carolina USA
  • I will always use Saladmaster cookware. I take it out to party's with family and friends. I have family and friends asking to borrow the cookware. I am glad when they order their own. It cooks well. It doesn't stick to the food. And your food comes out great. I love it! It makes cooking a lot of fun!
    Deborah - Customer, Alabama USA
  • Saladmaster is an investment for a lifetime. Some was bought by my parents at a Saladmaster Cooking Show years ago. It is easy to clean, very durable, heavy, and long lasting. The pans are very attractive and come in so many different sizes. The stainless steel does not cause flavors in your food and you can cook on low heat.
    Kurt - Customer, Indiana USA
  • I like that the cookware has titanium in it. For me, cooking time was cut in half and that is good for all families that are on the go. I love the products because nothing sticks and it cooks really well. I find it is easy to wash too.
    Nyookee - Customer, Kentucky USA
  • I have heard a lot about the SaladMaster but never had a chance of attending a demo until a friend of mine was asking me to attend the demo with her. I was impressed by the quality & the time saving, that me & my husband decided to buy the whole set. The kids called it a miracle cookware not only for the fact that the food taste more nicely but also the fact that I am now cooking them dinner everyday. I am impressed & happy that I bought it.
    Nelia Ciar - Customer, USA
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