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Stainless Steel Skillet

A stainless steel skillet can become your new best friend in the kitchen, whether you're cooking vegetables, protein or something else. Whether you call it a saute pan, frying pan or skillet, your pan's quality matters when you regularly cook or want to start cooking more. At Saladmaster®, we carry high-quality stainless steel skillets that make perfect additions to your cookware.

Our stainless steel frying pans can help you grow a love for cooking and inspire you to cook more healthy meals at home to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits and Features of Saladmaster

Saladmaster strives to help you live a better life. With more than 75 years in the business, we've been supplying high-quality, advanced cooking systems to help people have more manageable ways to cook. Our saute pans are designed with the user in mind to help you cook at lower temperatures while maintaining the quality of your food's texture, color and nutritional value.

Using Saladmaster cookware can give you the ultimate cooking experience. Whenever you use our cookware, you can enjoy the many benefits and features they offer, including:

  • Improved nutrition: Your food will retain its nutrients when you use a Saladmaster skillet because you can skip adding butter, oil and water to help cook ingredients.
  • Preserved flavor: Our products use medical-grade stainless steel that's nonreactive to the acids and enzymes in food, helping to protect the purity and natural flavor of your food.
  • Even heating: Every Saladmaster pan has a heat-conducting thermal core that helps evenly distribute heat across the bottom and up the sides of the pan, regardless of the cooking surface it's on. 
  • Clean, easy pouring: We've designed our stainless steel skillets to have wide, dripless pouring edges to make pouring easier and cleaner.
  • Fast cooking: Our stainless steel frying pans are equipped with a combination of our innovative Vapo-Valve™ technology and semi-vacuum cooking method, helping you cook more efficiently and accurately. When you're heating the pan, the built-in Vapo-Valve will signal when it's at the right temperature for cooking and again when it's too hot to notify you when to turn down the heat. It also uses a semi-vacuum cooking method to contain moisture and maintain your food's flavor.

Get Your Saladmaster Cookware Today

We believe that cooking healthily helps transform the way you feel. That's why we strive to provide the most reliable cookware of the highest quality for our customers. Our stainless steel cookware is American-crafted and -manufactured to ensure you can access the best quality. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty for our cookware because we know they can last a lifetime, letting customers pass down Saladmaster for generations. Saladmaster can help you improve your cooking life and achieve health goals.

We create Saladmaster cookware using 316Ti stainless steel to ensure the flavor and purity of your ingredients stay protected. If you are interested in purchasing Saladmaster, contact your local, independent Authorized Saladmaster Dealership to learn more about our cookware and unparalleled cooking method.