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3 Qt. (2.8L) Stainless Steel Sauce Pan with Cover

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Healthy home cooking starts with quality cookware. For over 75 years, chefs like you have trusted Saladmaster for reliable, sustainable solutions. We make it easy to transform every meal, from breakfast to dessert.

Best Uses for Your 3 Quart Stainless Steel Saucepan

At Saladmaster, we strive to meet all your cooking needs. Use your 3-quart, 316Ti stainless steel saucepan to craft a wide range of dishes, including:

Want to learn new recipes or how to recreate your favorites? Whether through a blog article, virtual cooking show or another resource, we'll inspire you to cook more.



3-Qt. Stainless Steel Saucepan Features

No matter how busy life gets, healthy home-cooked meals should be accessible and convenient to make. We optimize our cooking solutions for durability, efficiency and ease of use:

  • Get the flavor and nutrients you need: A semi-vacuum locks in moisture and preserves flavor naturally without additional butter, oil or fat. Our saucepans also retain up to 93% of your food's vitamins and nutrients.
  • Use your preferred cooking surface: Our 316Ti stainless steel saucepan lets you cook any way you want. Use it on any cooking surface, from ovens to gas and ceramic stovetops.
  • Trust in American craftsmanship: We adhere to rigorous manufacturing standards and offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty so you can purchase and cook confidently.
  • Streamline your food prep: A Vapo-Valve™ minimizes cooking time and helps you deliver restaurant-worthy dishes every time. Thanks to a dripless pouring edge, food prep is cleaner and easier than ever.

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When you choose Saladmaster, you receive quality cookware and exceptional long-term value from a team that cares. Eager to add a 3-quart stainless steel saucepan to your kitchen? Speak with an Independent Dealer today!

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Product Review
2021-08-28 Cheri L.
Purchased in 1965

I purchased my pan set which included the electric skillet when I graduated high school. Still using them daily and I love them. Hint: if you use in the oven, remove the handles first.

2021-03-26 Carol K.
Great cookware

I purchased the entire set in 1957 and I still use it every day. The handle on my 4 Qt. pan rusted off but I love my pots.

2018-11-06 Stirling Y.
65 years of daily service

My sweetheart purchased her pots before we were married and they helped cook a family dinner for our 62nd wedding anniversary this summer and still serve daily. Some handles have suffered from countless exposures to oven heat but they still do the job.

2018-08-22 Jay
Still in love after 51 years...

My mom purchased every piece of Saladmaster waterless cookware possible in 1967. Since then, she handed them down to my family, and we still use them regularly. However, about 14 years ago, after years of heavy use, the handle on our saucepan broke. We contacted our Saladmaster rep, and he sent us a brand new saucepan to replace the handle! I'm sure the handle wasn't under warranty, but the rep didn't even charge us for the replacement handle. Wow! Meantime, the replacement saucepan was really shiny and beautiful. Saladmaster waterless cookware is enormously heavy-duty, but who knew we'd be using it fifty years later?

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Our cookware is constructed of 316Ti stainless steel and protects the purity and flavor of the ingredients you cook for healthier, more nutritious, flavorful food, every time you cook. Contact your local independent Saladmaster Dealer to learn more about our products and unique cooking method.