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5 Qt. (4.7L) Gourmet Wok with Cover

This petite wok offers all of the same great features as its larger counterpart plus, with the addition of a long gourmet handle, provides increased control while stir-frying or sautéing. It is perfect for quick, healthy stir-fry meals for today’s smaller families.


Transform Your Cooking With a Stainless Steel Wok

Cooks have favored woks for centuries. The vessel offers a perfect medium for stir-frying flavorful proteins and vegetables or other meals to enrich your lifestyle. Our stainless steel wok can take your healthy cooking to the next level with these beneficial features:

  • Versatile use: In addition to stir-frying, a wok can do almost everything a traditional pan can accomplish with excellent results, such as braising, stewing, deep-frying, steaming, poaching, boiling, searing and smoking food. 
  • Ideal stirring: The high, sloped walls make it easier to stir, swirl, toss and flip your ingredients without spilling them.
  • Better heat distribution: The bottom of the wok makes contact with the heat source and is the hottest part where ingredients can cook quickly. The wok's tall sides help retain steam for thorough and even cooking of the food.
  • Quicker meal preparation: The straightforward prep work involves choosing your fresh ingredients, cutting them into smaller pieces and tossing them into the wok to cook.
  • Enhanced flavoring of food: The constant motion of ingredients with a high amount of heat lets moisture evaporate. In turn, existing compounds in the food can develop a deep concentration of savory flavoring.
  • Simple and space-saving solution: The Saladmaster wok offers a way to make your recipes with one cookware item instead of using multiple pans. It's an ideal option in a compact kitchen with little space for cooking and storage. 

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