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11 in. (27.9cm) Stainless Steel Skillet with Cover

What better way to start or end your day than with a balanced, home-cooked meal? Healthy home cooking is easier, quicker and more convenient than ever with Saladmaster. For over 75 years, our solutions have empowered culinary artists to transform how they cook, eat and live.

What Can I Cook With an 11 Inch Stainless Steel Skillet?

Our 316Ti stainless steel skillet can accommodate your health needs, goals and preferences. Add a rejuvenating, flavorful twist to recipes like:

Saladmaster inspires you to cook more through interactive and accessible resources, such as virtual cooking shows, recipe tips and in-person classes.



What Benefits Does a 316Ti Stainless Steel Skillet Have?

We want you to enjoy healthier meals even in your busiest moments. Our 11-inch skillet's features enrich your cooking experience and quality of life:

  • Use any cooking surface: From electric to gas stovetops, our cookware works with your preferred cooking surface.
  • Safeguard your food's quality: Saladmaster's 316Ti stainless steel construction and semi-vacuum cooking environment preserve your ingredients' natural flavor, moisture and nutrients — no need for butter, oil or additional fat.
  • Get consistent, efficient results: Vapo-Valve™ technology optimizes your dish's temperature and distributes heat evenly, yielding faster cooking times and restaurant-worthy recipes. A drip-free pouring edge further enhances your efficiency and peace of mind.
  • Trust in American-made cookware: We ensure each piece of cookware holds up to the highest manufacturing standards. Our cooking solutions also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for boosted security.

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When you choose Saladmaster, you'll receive the best deals on quality cookware and a long-term working relationship with caring industry leaders. To purchase an 11-inch stainless steel skillet, reach out to an Authorized Saladmaster Dealer near you!

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