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11 in. (27.9cm) Skillet with Cover

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Just right for multiple steaks, chops, large meat loaf, greaseless fried chicken and skillet suppers. Use the 5 Qt. (4.7L) Roaster as a high dome cover for small roasts or as a base for stack cooking. Cover can be used with the 7 Qt. (6.6L) Roaster and 10 in. (25.4cm) Chef’s Gourmet Skillet.

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Product Review
2018-06-27 Carol S.
Saladmaster 11inch skillet and cookware

I purchased a set of saladmaster cookware 40 years ago . All of the cookware is still just like new. All except the 11 inch skillet. Which has been used sometimes three times a day. I would like to get a replacement for it. Back in the seventies I believe we paid 600.00 for the entire set including the electric skillet. It was the best thing I have ever purchased. My daughter and her husband have been married for six years and I believe they are on their third different set of cheaper cookware. My two daughters are fighting over who gets the set after I am gone. I love your cookware.

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