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Of all the culinary practices in the world, baking is one of the most precise. One way to elevate your baking experience is by using stainless steel bakeware from Saladmaster®. With increased durability and improved heat transfer abilities, stainless steel bakeware like our oval baking dish can help each creation turn out as intended. Explore our products to elevate your kitchen today.

Benefits of Using Our Bakeware

We make all of our bakeware with 316Ti stainless steel — a stainless steel alloy with the addition of titanium and molybdenum to raise its corrosion resistance. In addition to greater durability, this material offers benefits like:

  • Preserving flavors: Unlike other cookware materials, stainless steel does not cause your food to develop a metallic taste, which allows you to maintain the flavors of the ingredients in your dish.
  • Improving heat transfer: Our stainless steel oval baking dish and other 316Ti cookware combine titanium and molybdenum for enhanced heat transfer abilities, so you can feel confident your food will cook evenly throughout.
  • Increasing corrosion resistance: Stainless steel is resistant to rust and other corrosion, so your bakeware will remain gleaming throughout its life span.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty

At Saladmaster, our customers are our priority. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our healthy cooking pans to prove our dedication to providing high-quality cookware. Under the warranty, if your Saladmaster bakeware has a defect or malfunction, you can return it to your dealer, distributor or service department for a repair or replacement free of charge. With this warranty, you can feel confident the Saladmaster team stands behind every piece we create and that you are gaining excellent cookware.

In addition to our limited lifetime warranty, we offer a hazard replacement policy in which we will replace your entire set of Saladmaster products at half of the current retail price if it becomes lost or damaged in an earthquake, storm or fire.

Find a Saladmaster Dealer Near You

Every piece of bakeware we offer is under the Saladmaster price promise, so you can trust that we provide the best value for your money. Our independent dealers strive to provide customers with our high-quality cookware, such as our small oval baking dish, and work to build long-lasting relationships through cooking shows showcasing the Saladmaster cooking method and how it can benefit you.

If you're ready to learn how our stainless steel bakeware can transform the cooking experience, we invite you to find a Saladmaster dealer near you or explore our customer reviews.