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Discover The Dream
Talent Search

Are you passionate about sharing good food and transforming people’s lives? Saladmaster is having open auditions for new talent to join our team of life changers. We’re seeking highly motivated people who want to turn their talents into opportunities at an exciting, quickly growing organization. You could be a part of our team of superstars. Our people are encouraging, full of enthusiasm, and ready to share what the Saladmaster Experience has done for them. 

With Saladmaster, anything is possible. You can you earn extra income, luxurious trips, beautiful gifts, bonuses, and awards. We provide on-the-spot training by our skilled Cooking Coaches, enabling you to create cooking experiences that inspire others to eat better, live better, and achieve the life they desire. Our Cooking Coaches and Leadership Team will be with you every step of the way on your path to success. 

For a limited time (offer ends August 31, 2018), while supplies last: You can receive (1) 5 qt. Multi-Purpose Oil Core for joining Saladmaster and completing the required steps. Our Multi-Purpose Oil Core (nicknamed the “MP5”) is the ultimate cooker and stockpot on the market. It is the perfect mix of versatility, performance, ease of use, and technology for a variety of cooking needs.

Here’s what you need to do: Enter your zip code below and click "Search". Search for a dealer near you and select “Start Today” to express your interest. The dealer can then give you more information on joining our team and receiving the MP5. It’s that simple!

Ready for a brand new future?

Find a Dealer to learn more about the Saladmaster Business Opportunity — including benefits, rewards, training, and mentorship programs.

  • “I started my Saladmaster Career part-time – just cooking one or two dinners a week. Once I realized the true earning potential, it became something I wanted to do full-time. Saladmaster was an opportunity — not just to change my life through health — but also change my life through wealth. The Saladmaster Business Opportunity allows people to live the life they’ve always wanted. Saladmaster helps me live my dream every day!”
    Matt Robinson, Saladmaster Dealer
  • "I was working a part-time job, when I found the opportunity with Saladmaster. I saw how much potential I had to grow. Within my first two months, I was doing really well in the business, and within the last year, I've earned more than I could have ever imagined. I've achieved so much in the short time being a Cooking Coach with Saladmaster. The possibilities are exciting!"
    Megan Potts, Saladmaster Distributor
  • "I joined Saladmaster because I was at a dead-end job. I was a full-time employee, but there was no room to grow within the company. The Saladmaster Business Opportunity has given me a chance to grow based on my own success — to the point of owning my own Dealership. I have now earned enough money to travel three to four times a year and to own several properties. I haven't found another opportunity that's even close to Saladmaster."
    Jeremy Thompson, Saladmaster Dealer
  • "The Saladmaster Business Opportunity completely changed my life, big time! The Success Program is unique. You get what you put into it. I can now afford the things I wasn’t previously able to afford – like quality time with my family. I am now able to take more vacations with them and enjoy the special moments with my children."
    Lorna Payumo, Saladmaster Dealer
  • "I'm getting a little older and looking into retirement. Saladmaster is the only opportunity I've seen for having a bountiful one. With the extra income we have earned from the Saladmaster Opportunity, we are able to put an amazing retirement into place."
    Scott Currey, Saladmaster Dealer, Exclusive Guest
  • "As a consultant, I have been able to financially support myself and I now have more time to do what I want. It's easy to work with Saladmaster because the quality of their products is so great — I'm proud that I can stand up in front of a group of people and be able to tell the truth!"
    Lilja - Saladmaster Consultant
  • "Within 18 months, with great direction, a wonderful support team and a lot of hard work, we were able to achieve Elite Master Dealer status, with all the rewards, travel and satisfaction that go along with earning that top title. You don't need to be a professional chef or know a lot about cooking. With Saladmaster, the undisputed heavyweight world champion of cookware in your bag, you just need a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and anything you desire can be made possible."
    Richard & Ben - Saladmaster Dealer, Elite Master Dealers
  • "With Saladmaster, we've been able to make the kind of money we desired to be able to give our children what they need to live a good life, and we've been able to pass along that same opportunity to so many others. This is not just any business. It's the business!"
    Nelly & Solomon - Saladmaster Dealer, Master Dealers
  • "I started out with Saladmaster only working part time, and still kept my full time job as a stockbroker. After two years I was earning extra income and I loved  the freedom of being able to make my own decisions. It felt great to be in the driver's seat, and I discovered how liberating it was to have a genuine passion for my work. Since making that decision two years ago, I have made Saladmaster my full time career."
    Heidi - Saladmaster Distributor
  • "For me, Saladmaster has helped me earn extra income to support my family. When I left my previous job to pursue a full time career with Saladmaster, I became my own boss. I worked really hard but I also had the flexibility to adjust my work schedule too, so I could place priority on the times when it was important for me to be there for my family."
    Evelyn - Saladmaster Dealer, Elite Master Dealer
  • "The Saladmaster business opportunity has been the best way for us to balance earning income and having freedom and flexibility in our schedule. We love the fact that we're able to help other people achieve their goals or to even become a Saladmaster Dealer. It's incredibly powerful."
    Paul & Sue - Saladmaster Dealer, Master Dealers

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