Getting Started For New Owners

Getting Started For
New Saladmaster Owners

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Thank You for Your Purchase!

Congratulations on purchasing Saladmaster premium cookware. You’re now one of many life-long Saladmaster cookware owners who have discovered how Saladmaster makes life better. We do this by teaching a better way of preparing food, by making cooking a family event, and by providing a better business opportunity.

Your Saladmaster cookware purchase will prove to be the best investment you have ever made for your kitchen. You will enjoy your Saladmaster cooking experience for decades to come.

The Saladmaster Difference

Your Saladmaster cookware includes a variety of premium features:

  • • A multi-layer thermal core of heat-conducting aluminum that enables even heating.
  • • A self-basting, semi-vacuum cooking environment that reduces the need for water, oils and fats, which allows for faster cooking.
  • • A Vapo-Valve™ that audibly alerts users when they should reduce the heat.
  • • A stainless steel exterior specifically designed to work on a variety of home cooking surfaces, from induction cooktops, to ceramic, gas and electric. It even works in the oven.
  • • Wide, dripless pouring edges help avoid spills.
  • • Detachable, ergonomic handles to allow flexibility with the cookware.
  • • Rounded corners that prevent food and grease buildup and are easy to clean.
  • • Self-nestling covers for easy storage.
  • • Removable handles remain cool to the touch and take up less room when storing the cookware.

The Value of 316Ti Stainless Steel

Each piece of Saladmaster cookware is constructed of 316Ti titanium-stabilized stainless steel, and manufactured in the United States of America. Saladmaster was the first cookware company to use this material on the interior surface of our cookware. 316 Stainless Steel was chosen for its corrosion resistance properties — particularly against chlorides and other industrial solvents. Due to its non-reactive qualities, 316 Stainless Steel is also used in the manufacture of medical surgical instruments and bodily implants. It’s widely used in the dairy, food, and beverage industries, and meets the 3-A worldwide sanitary standards.

  • • Saladmaster cookware is easy to clean, easy to use and, most importantly, protects the purity of your food.
  • • American companies have a long history of quality and reliability. Saladmaster and its parent company, Regal Ware, Inc., together bring over 100 years of American manufacturing experience to that legacy.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We’re so certain of your satisfaction that we’ve backed your purchase with a limited lifetime warranty. This certifies that your product is warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship under normal use and service for the lifetime of the original consumer. Go here for more information about your Saladmaster warranty.

Cooking with Saladmaster

Our Saladmaster recipe site has over 1,000 tasty dishes, carefully planned with you in mind. The recipes are easy to make, featuring many healthy options, catering to a wide range of cultures and palates, and every one of them is delicious. This site is a great place for you to plan your first Saladmaster meal.

Cooking School & Cooking Classes

Your Dealership may provide cooking classes from time to time for Saladmaster customers like yourself. It’s a great way meet other foodies and learn some new cooking techniques to take back to your own kitchen.

Contact your Saladmaster Dealership to learn more.

What is Everyone Else Saying?

Additional Rewards

Don’t be surprised if you enjoy your Saladmaster cookware so much that you want to share its superior benefits with others. We provide a range of “thank you” gifts in you choose to host cooking shows, invite your friends and family to participate.

saladmaster hosting gifts

You also have to opportunity to participate in our Stock Program, which enables you to earn a set of Saladmaster cookware. You would be acting as a cooking coach to educate others about Saladmaster’s unique cooking methods and the benefits of cooking with Saladmaster cookware

Contact your Dealer for more information.

Saladmaster Changes Life

For generations, the Saladmaster cooking system has helped families all over the world bring more to the table — and to their lives. We’re glad you have joined in our mission to inspire people to eat better, live better, and achieve the life they desire.

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