Don’t wait for January!


David Hopkins

Don’t wait for January!

Start Your “Health Reset” a Month Early

Most people regard the holiday season with all the heavy food and various holiday parties as a difficult time to stay healthy. The meals are heartier during the cold winter months, and the holiday candy is a continual temptation.

In some regions where it’s extremely cold, people are less active and may let their exercise routine fall by the wayside, especially if it involves getting outside.

We abandon our good habits and goals and seek easier alternatives. We begin to develop bad habits and look to January as a restart.

But you don’t have to wait for January to have a “health restart.” You can do it right now. One thing you can do is recommit to cooking more at home—where you have greater control over the food you eat and how it is prepared.  A Saladmaster Independent Dealer can help you.

How to reset your eating habits

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, a board-certified naturopathic physician and certified nutrition consultant, in her new book Cleanse and Reset takes a look at how a poor diet can affect you. It might cause you to experience fatigue, poor motivation, and just feeling beat up and rundown.

Dr. Kellyann believes a gentle, five-day cleanse might offer a reset during the winter months. The details are in her book, but it is designed to fit a vegan, paleo, or keto lifestyle. One of the keys to this restart is loading your cells with nutrients.

“The bottom line?” says Dr. Kellyann. “Each day, your deficit of phytonutrients—as well as vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients—increase a tiny bit. So over time, your body starts to starve for nutrients even when you’re doing all the right things. If you’re stressed out, losing sleep, grabbing fast food, and neglecting yourself, like I was before I collapsed, you’re in even bigger trouble. That’s because you need big doses of nutrients to heal yourself—but you’re not getting them because your gut is inflamed and your metabolism is sluggish.”

Saladmaster designed its cookware with nutrient retention in mind. The Saladmaster cooking method—using premium material that enables people to cook at lower temperatures without the need of cooking oil or water—helps maintain the vitamins and nutrients in your food. A study from the University of Wisconsin Department of Food Science demonstrates that food cooked using the Saladmaster waterless cooking method retains up to 93% of its nutrients.

How to reset your exercise habits

Personal health involves many factors. Exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle is one part of it. How can you stay active during the colder months?

  • Find a gym. Not all gym memberships are created equal. You may have to shop around to find one that fits you. But affordable gyms do exist. In fact, you may already be paying for a gym without realizing it. Some apartment complexes and business properties will have an onsite workout center, just waiting for you.
  • Bring the gym home. Cycling, rowing, weight sets, or a hundred other home gym options are available. If you can find something you enjoy doing, it can be a convenient alternative to a gym membership.
  • Home workout videos. Among other sites, YouTube is filled workout videos that you can follow along with. Many of them boast that no equipment is needed. Yoga, cardio, pilates—you name it!
  • Chores do count! It may not be pleasant to shovel snow, but it would count as a workout (depending on how high the snow is). Look around the house, and get creative. Going up and down the stairs might be all the aerobic activity you need.

We know it’s not easy to stay healthy during the winter months. We all slip out of our routine, but it’s important to not let a small slip turn into a free fall. You don’t have to wait until January to set your resolution for a healthier lifestyle. In fact, starting in December puts you a month ahead of everyone else!

What are your tips and tricks for staying healthy during the holidays? We’d love to hear about it. Use the #Saladmaster hashtag, so we can see your comments.

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