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Limited Edition 10 in. (24.5 cm) Petite Essential Pan

The New Limited Edition 10 in. (24.5 cm) Petite Essential Pan is the perfect piece to help complete any kitchen. Enjoy the distinctive shape of the pan, characterized by tapered sidewalls to provide a larger diameter at the top of the pan. The depth allows for quick and easy cooking, and enough space for delicious one-pan recipes. The pan construction is designed to distribute heat evenly and create a seal that locks in moisture during cooking. And it’s lightweight and comfortable enough to lift with ease so you can cook and serve in the same pan, from the stovetop to the tabletop. You will love its versatility. Each Limted Edition Petite Essential Pan comes with two Saladmaster Mircofiber Towels. These towels can be used to clean, wash and dry your cookware as well as other dishes and appliances within the kitchen. Enjoy the multifunctionality of this towel without the worry of scratching your cookware. The New Limited Edition Petite Essential Pan and Microfiber Towels are only available March 2023!

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