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Large Cutting Board

This beautiful board is wonderfully crafted with safe forestry certified maple wood. The end grain construction is particularly special due to its special ability to self heal making it easier on your Saladmaster knives and showing less wear and tear over time. The striking grains also serve as a statement piece within your kitchen.

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• Never submerge in water or wash under running water

• Never put in the dishwasher or soak in the sink

• Never leave wet food on the board for an extended period of time

• Never set your board flat to dry.

Doing these things can lead to your board warping, cupping, and potentially cracking and are not covered under the warranty.

• Wash the board with a damp cloth of hot water and soap, dry with a clean dry cloth, and store the cutting board vertically so the wood dries evenly to prevent warping.

• White vinegar is an excellent disinfectant for Salmonella.

• To remove the toughest stains and deodorize, combine 2 Tbsp of backing soda, 1 Tbsp of salt and 3 Tbsp of hot water in a small bowl.

• Mineral oil conditioning recommended twice a week for the first two months and then once a month thereafter.

• Do not use vegetable or nut-based oils on your cutting board.

• Wax surface conditioning recommended every two months.

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