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The right cookware makes your food taste better as it cooks. And cooking is for every milestone reached, every moment shared, and every life celebration thrown your way. Browse our collection of blog articles, recipes tips, and sizzler videos for continuous inspiration and healthy cooking.

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From quick snacks to gourmet meals, find unforgettable sizzler recipes that will impress you, your family and all of your guests. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner discover how you can prepare quicker and healthier meals with more flavor.

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Make the Most of Your Cookware

Cooking Vegetables the Saladmaster Way.

Remember that pans should be at least two-thirds full. Avoid Peeling vegetables whenever possible, since much of the vitamins and nutrients are in...

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Roasting Meats Stove Top.

Preheat roaster (or skillet) over medium heat. When several drops of water sprinkled on roaster skitter and dissipate, approximately 2 - 3 minutes, place...

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Using The Saladmaster Food Processor.

This precision engineered, superbly constructed kitchen utensil is a handy, simple-to-use food processor that allows you to slice and grate all types of...

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Baking in the Electric Oil Core Skillet.

When baking a boxed cake or brownies in the Saladmaster Electric Oil Core Skillet follow these instructions...

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