New Year, New You: Health Benefits of Cooking with Saladmaster


New Year, New You: The Health Benefits of Cooking with Saladmaster

The end of one year and the beginning of another is always a time for reflection, with many of us making new year’s resolutions to eat better, get more exercise or give up an unhealthy vice. 
Whether you are planning on overhauling your lifestyle or just want to make some small changes that help you eat better, healthier food - Saladmaster can help. 

Transform how you cook and how you feel. Start a new healthy lifestyle with Saladmaster. Not only are Saladmaster products easy to use, durable and simple to clean, they actually provide some very real benefits to the food you cook. 

Here at Saladmaster, we are leading the movement back to healthy home cooking. Too many of us have come to rely on quick meals that are full of processed ingredients because we are short of time and need to get dinner on the table. 

But with Saladmaster cooking needn’t take hours and hours, we help people get the most nutrients out of their ingredients and make the cooking process quicker so you can enjoy more time with your family. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of cooking with Saladmaster. 

Faster Cooking
Our Vapo-Valve™ technology and semi-vacuum cooking method makes cooking more efficient and precise. When the temperature exceeds the optimal cooking temperature, the built-in Vapo-Valve clicks, letting you know it’s time to reduce the heat to avoid overcooking. 

Our cooking method also substantially reduces cooking time – so you can get out of the kitchen faster to enjoy your food.

Enjoy the Flavour Without the Fat
Because there’s no need to add butter, oil or excess fat to flavour your food, your favourite recipes can be made healthier without sacrificing the taste you love. Our Vapo-Valve creates a semi-vacuum cooking environment that locks in moisture and maintains food's natural flavour.

Better Nutrition
The Saladmaster waterless cooking method allows you to cook without the need to add and drain-off water. This maintains the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients in your foods while also protecting the natural flavour of ingredients. 


Book a Virtual Cooking Show 
If you would like to find out more about Saladmaster products, arrange a Virtual Cooking Show with one of our cooking coaches so they can show you how to cook healthier, home-cooked meals with Saladmaster. 

To book your show, contact your nearest dealer CLICK HERE and find out more about our Virtual Cooking Shows HERE

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