Meet our Classic Set for Your Everyday Cooking Needs


Meet our Classic Set for Your Everyday Cooking Needs

When you cook with Saladmaster you benefit from faster cooking and better nutrition. The Saladmaster waterless cooking method allows you to cook without the need to add and drain-off water. This maintains the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients in your foods while also protecting the natural flavour of ingredients. 

Whether you’re a novice cook or you know your way around the kitchen, the Saladmaster Classic Set contains all the key pieces you need to rustle up healthy, home cooked meals. Ideally suited for mid-sized families the Saladmaster Classic Set is perfect for the home cook. The set includes: 

●    2 Qt. (1.8L) Sauce Pan with Cover
●    4 Qt. (3.8L) Roaster with Cover
●    5 Qt. (4.7L) Roaster with Cover
●    11 in. (27.9cm) Skillet with Cover
●    Stainless Steel Powdered Cleaner
●    2 long handles 
●    4 side handles

Let’s take a closer look at each of the fantastic products that make up the Classic Set: 

2 Qt. Sauce Pan with Cover

An essential piece for any kitchen, you’ll find yourself using this pan every day. Ideal for simmering homemade sauces, making gravy and soups, cooking vegetables, grains, legumes and hard boiled eggs. This Sauce Pan is so versatile, it even inverts as the dome cover for the 3 Qt. Sauce Pan and 9 in. Skillet for stack cooking. 

4 Qt. Roaster with Cover 

Perfect for stovetop cooking for small roasts, hams and chickens. The 4 Qt. Roaster is also ideal for making homemade soups, chilli, beans and stews. This Roaster will become one of your go-to items in the kitchen.  

5 Qt. Roaster with Cover 

When you need to cook bigger quantities of soup, stews, poultry and roasts the 5 Qt. Roaster gives you the extra cooking capacity you need. It also serves as a high dome cover for the 7 Qt. Roaster and 11 in. Skillet if you are stack cooking. 

11 in Skillet with Cover 

Just right for multiple steaks, chops, large meat loaf, greaseless fried chicken and skillet suppers. Use the 5 Qt. Roaster as a high dome cover for small roasts or as a base for stack cooking. Cover can be used with the 7 Qt. Roaster and 10 in. Chef’s Gourmet Skillet.

Stainless Steel Powdered Cleaner

Remove discolouration from your Saladmaster cookware, and quickly and easily restore your cookware’s bright lustre, making it look like new after every use. Made in the U.S.A. and only using the best in raw and non-hazardous materials, the formula is guaranteed to be environmentally safe. Can also be used for cleaning stainless steel sinks.


The Classic Set comes complete with 2 long and 4 side detachable, ergonomic handles to allow flexibility with the cookware. The removable handles remain cool to the touch and take up less room when storing the cookware.

Always attach the handles before using the cookware to cook on the stovetop. Use the long handles only on skillets and sauce pans; short side handles can be used on any utensil. Align the slot in the handle with the fixed stainless steel bracket on the pan, be careful to not press the button when attaching the handle. Push the handle onto the stainless steel bracket until it snaps in place. 

Always remove the handles from your cookware before placing cookware in the oven, under a broiler or washing them in a dishwasher or sink.

Add the Classic Set to your Kitchen

Want to add the Saladmaster Classic Set to your collection? Click here to get in contact with your nearest Saladmaster Dealer and join us in our vision to lead the movement back to healthy, home cooking. 

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