5 Reasons to Own an Electric Skillet


5 Reasons to Own an Electric Skillet
David Hopkins
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5 Reasons to Own an Electric Skillet

No Kitchen is Complete Without It!

The Best Electric Skillet Uses 

Every home cook needs a few standard tools, such as a colander, cutting board and mixing bowl. In many homes, electric skillets are another staple. This versatile and convenient device has won a lot of home cooks over, and it's easy to see why. 

All you need to do to use an electric skillet is plug it into an outlet and get cooking. Electric skillets provide effective and convenient cooking, from frying and steaming to braising and stewing. Whether you've never had an electric skillet or want to increase your repertoire, check out some of our favorite electric skillet uses.

Is It Worth Buying an Electric Skillet? 

It's worth using an electric skillet if you're looking for an efficient cooking method that saves space and energy. Electric skillets easily fit on the countertop to save space in the kitchen and provide additional cooking options when needed. If you're making a large batch or cooking several different dishes and using every burner on the stove, an electric skillet can provide the additional cooking space you need. 

Electric griddle wattage is typically much lower than an electric stove, meaning you can reduce your energy consumption by cooking on the skillet. Saladmaster® cookware also provides faster cooking by working more efficiently through its Vapo-Valve™ technology. When the cooking temperature exceeds the optimal level, the Vapo-Valve clicks and alerts you that it's time to turn down the heat, reducing your overall energy spending. 

You may also find an electric skillet ideal if you want to be able to cook a wide range of dishes without heating up the stove. Electric skillets efficiently cook meats, vegetables, fruits and more, offering portable cooking when you want to keep the stove off or cook while on the go.

Best Electric Skillet Uses 

From breakfast for one to large dinner parties, electric skillets are a versatile type of cookware. Here are the best electric skillet uses for your griddle:


Delicious Stir-Fries

An electric skillet with deep, sloped sides is great for meals like stir-fry. If you don't have a wok, an electric skillet is the next best thing. Imitate a wok's high heat by preheating your electric skillet to the highest heat setting. Add meat like pork or chicken and cook through. Remove from the skillet and add vegetables like mushrooms, broccoli florets and bell peppers. If you want a meatless option, try this vegetable stir-fry recipe.

Healthy Breakfast Options

When you need a healthy breakfast option, look no further than the humble egg. Whereas a regular egg frittata recipe requires you to cook some of the ingredients on the stove and finish the dish in the oven, an electric skillet allows you to complete the entire process using one device. Start by sauteing your desired vegetables, then add the eggs. Cover your electric skillet and cook until the eggs are set. 

Ovenless Pizzas

You may be surprised to learn that an electric skillet allows you to make pizzas without turning on the oven. An electric skillet's lid traps heat to melt cheese while the sides and bottom brown food evenly. When you make a pizza in an electric skillet, your best bet is to cook toppings that could become soggy, like tomatoes and mushrooms, before adding the dough to the skillet. 

Easy Braising

Another dish where the electric skillet shines is with braising. Whether you want to cook pot roast or chicken thighs, the electric skillet's tall sides and lid make it ideal for cooking meats and vegetables in a savory sauce. Sear the meat and add the vegetables to your preheated skillet. The secret to braising is to let the meat cook slowly, which keeps it moist. 

Quickly Whip up Party Dishes

Electric skillets are also incredibly handy for parties and large gatherings. A full stovetop is no problem when you're cooking for a crowd — plug in your electric skillet to finish your last dish or cook a second serving. The extra cooking space comes in handy, and the handles and lid make electric skillets easy to transport. Whether you're making burgers for a barbeque or whipping up large batches of chicken wings, an electric skillet is an ideal solution.


Connect With Saladmaster®

Looking for an electric skillet that saves space and offers a wide range of benefits? Saladmaster provides premium stainless steel electric cookware, and the Electric Oil Core Skillet is a popular product. This skillet is portable, easy to clean, durable and versatile. The Electric Oil Core Skillet has an oil core construction and uses Versa Touch™ electronic probe technology to provide enhanced control over cooking temperatures. The skillet is also completely immersible in water, thanks to removable heat controls. 

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Connect with Saladmaster

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