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Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Saladmaster is a proud sponsor of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a nonprofit organization that promotes preventive medicine, conducts clinical research and encourages high research standards.


Like Saladmaster, the Physicians Committee shares the philosophy of teaching people how to prepare healthy, delicious meals through cooking classes and demonstrations. The Physicians Committee Food for Life is an award-winning nutrition and cooking education program that began in 2001 with cooking classes for cancer prevention and survival and has now expanded to offer eight types of curricula, including topics on healthy weight management, diabetes prevention, kid's health, employee wellness, and healthy eating on a budget. Today, Saladmaster provides stainless steel cookware used in these cooking class demonstrations, which have proven to be an effective way of teaching people easy, practical ways to fight diet-related diseases with the power of nutrition.

Saladmaster GK777 Village Project

There is no better reflection of Saladmaster’s tagline, We Change Life, than the collective efforts of our team members with the GK777 initiative. GK777 stands for “Gawad Kalinga” – translated it means “to give care.” This care is delivered in the form of new homes for the homeless and food for the hungry in communities throughout the Philippines. And it’s not just about money donated. GK777 is about restoring dignity to people who have lost hope. It’s about building a local community, and in turn, building a community that crosses borders.

Saladmaster’s involvement started in 2006 when two senior Saladmaster Dealers decided to donate funds to build 10 homes through GK777. Saladmaster saw firsthand the positive effects of this life-changing initiative and named GK777 as its beneficiary. By committing a portion of each sale to the project, participating Saladmaster Dealers and Consultants have since raised enough funds to build more than 75 homes to date.

Our History

We’re much more than salad – which is why people often ask about the Saladmaster name. Knowing a little history helps. It not only explains our name, but also the vision that propelled us to where we are today.

In 1946, the Saladmaster brand began in the home of Mr. Harry Lemmons. He didn’t have much cash, but Mr. Lemmons did have a vision for introducing the world to a unique product he believed would change the way busy families prepared healthy meals. It was called the Saladmaster, and it offered a new, time-saving technique for slicing fruits and vegetables for salads. That product, of course, became internationally known and the namesake for a business that transformed the way the world cooks.

During that first year, Mr. Lemmons’ sales force grew from just three people to more than 100. It seemed Americans were hungry for what the young entrepreneur had envisioned. And as the product line expanded over the years, the Saladmaster sales team continued to grow in numbers and enthusiasm. Individuals discovered they could make a living by making a difference in the lives of customers across the country. The growing company became more like a family, and the support it provided opened doors to all kinds of financial success.

When stainless steel cookware was introduced in 1952, Saladmaster developed a series so durable and strong, nothing on the market compared – which was exactly what customers were asking for. We’ve continued to strengthen our product over the years, and even so, some of our earliest cookware is still being used today in the kitchens of second- and third-generation families.

In 1979, Regal Ware, Inc., recognized Saladmaster as an industry star. The veteran cookware manufacturer also closely identified with Saladmaster’s customer-first philosophy. Both companies were directly connected to the lives of the people who purchased their products, and as a result, created business models that put customers’ needs and interests at the forefront. With this shared focus and a vision for impacting even more lives with better cooking experiences – Regal Ware purchased Saladmaster.

With our customers at the heart of our story, we continue investing in research and technology that will support the kitchenware of the future. And as always, the Saladmaster sales team remains our driving force. Each and every member is fueled by invaluable training and support, and all the opportunities that come with working for a premium brand. As a team – as a family – we remain committed to making life better for generations of food aficionados.

Christian Aid

More than half of the world’s population cook on open fires, using solid fuels such as wood or charcoal, this causes deadly air pollution inside their homes. In Nigeria alone, an estimated sixty-nine percent of the total population use solid fuel for cooking.


Shockingly, this Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) emitted by burning solid fuel indoors, especially in poorly ventilated conditions, is responsible for 4.3 million deaths a year. IAP has a particularly strong association with morbidity and mortality in women and children. In addition, use of solid fuel often results in negative social effects including more time for cooking meals, time and strain in the gathering of and expenditure on cooking fuels, again especially by women and children. These, in turn, negatively impact on the time used for other activities including gaining education and undertaking income generating practices. Environmental impacts include pollution of ambient air and uncontrolled harvest of wood with consequent destruction of wildlife habitat and deforestation. Despite the dangers, poorer families have no alternative. Many do not know that better stoves exist, and even those who do can’t afford to buy such a ‘luxury’.

This is why in early 2015, Saladmaster initiated a ‘partnership for change’ with Christian Aid to address the adverse health, livelihood and environmental impacts of solid fuel and the development of Improved Cook Stoves (ICS). Use of ICS has been shown to improve cooking efficiency when compared with traditional cooking methods, reducing the quantity of cooking fuel required and time expended in collecting such fuels. Consequently, this delivers potential to improve health, increase household income and benefit the environment and global climate.

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샐러드마스터의 목표는 요리를 통해 식습관 및 생활습관을 개선하고, 꿈꾸는 삶을 살아갈 수 있도록 돕는 것입니다. 정성이 담긴 따뜻하고도 포근한 집밥과 더불어 가족과 함께 보내는 즐거운 식사 시간. 이것은 건강한 삶의 지름길과도 같습니다. 샐러드마스터의 혁신적인 요리 시스템으로 이제껏 경험하지 못한 변화를 느껴 보세요.

지난 70여년간 세계적인 성장을 일궈낸 샐러드마스터. 현재 45개국에 딜러망을 보유하며 리갈웨어의 프리미엄 브랜드로서 가족, 혁신, 신뢰, 커뮤니티, 청렴, 교육, 품질 등 7대 핵심가치를 고수하고 있습니다.

일반적인 성공 척도인 매출액 성장률, 해외시장 진출, 업계 1위가 아닌 얼마나 많은 사람들의 삶을 변화시킬 수 있는지, 지역 사회와 세계에 어떠한 변화를 이끌어낼 수 있는지를 성공의 척도로 삼는 샐러드마스터.

샐러드마스터는 언제나 의미 있는 삶의 변화를 꿈꾸고 있습니다.

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70년의 역사

1946년 미국 텍사스주 가정집에서 시작한 샐러드마스터. 주방용품 업계 혁신의 아이콘으로 거듭나기까지 샐러드마스터는 매 순간 삶을 변화시켜 왔습니다. 샐러드 커팅머신 하나만 가지고 회사를 설립한 창립자 해리 레몬즈씨는 샐러드마스터로 세련된 디자인과 우수한 기능, 두 마리 토끼를 모두 잡은 제품으로 업계에 큰 반향을 일으켰습니다.

샐러드마스터 머신의 원조 격인 커팅머신은 20세기 미국 가정집 주방에서 절대 빼놓을 수 없는 제품으로 자리잡았으며, 3명의 세일즈맨으로 시작한 사업은 불과 1년 만에 100여명의 독립 디스트리뷰터를 갖춘 회사로 고속 성장했습니다. 그리고 오늘날, 전 세계 28,000여명의 공식 독립 딜러와 쿠킹 코치를 두고 있는 샐러드마스터는 직접판매협회(DSA) 회원사로 활동하며 업계 내 최장수 기업 중 하나로 거듭났습니다.


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