New Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

American Craftsmanship

American manufacturing companies are known for having a long history of adhering to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Saladmaster, along with our parent company Regal Ware, is proud to be part of this legacy. Together, we bring more than a century of quality American craftsmanship and manufacturing experience to our premium stainless steel cooking system. And it's backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can enjoy your cookware for decades.

Faster Cooking

Our Vapo-Valve™ technology and semi-vacuum cooking method makes cooking more efficient and precise. When the temperature exceeds the optimal cooking temperature, the built-in Vapo-Valve clicks, letting you know it’s time to reduce the heat to avoid overcooking. Our cooking method also substantially reduces cooking time – so you can get out of the kitchen faster to enjoy your food.

Enjoy the Flavor Without the Fat

Almost every recipe calls for some type of cooking oil, whether it be sunflower oil, corn oil, palm oil or another option from the wide variety available. However, recent studies show that most cooking oils have little nutritional value and can cause diseases such as heart failure and hypertension, so you may be interested in finding a healthier cooking method for your family.

Oil-free cookware is the solution to cooking more nutritional and delicious meals. The experienced team at Saladmaster has developed a healthy cookware set that focuses on the food's rich flavor without the addition of disease-causing oils.

Cooking using Saladmaster enables you to skip adding oil, butter or excess fat to flavor your food, so you can make your favorite recipes healthier without sacrificing the taste you love. Our Vapo-Valve makes this possible by creating a semi-vacuum cooking environment that maintains your food's natural flavor by locking in moisture. This feature enables our oil-free cookware to consistently deliver healthy and delicious meals for every occasion.

Better Nutrition

The Saladmaster waterless cooking method allows you to cook without the need to add and drain-off water. This maintains the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients in your foods while also protecting the natural flavor of ingredients. A study from the University of Wisconsin Department of Food Science demonstrates that food cooked in Saladmaster retains up to 93% of its nutrients.

Retains up to 93% of your foods’ nutrients.

Pouring is Clean & Easy

Cooking can sometimes get a little messy. But the wide, dripless pouring edge designed into each piece of Saladmaster cookware makes pouring liquids much easier – so you don’t waste a drop.