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Saladmaster + ESPRO P5 French Press

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Product Info

Introducing the Saladmaster P5, the second product in our collaboration with ESPRO. This beautiful press is an evolution of the classic French-press that is crafted to elevate the coffee and tea experience by providing cleaner, more consistent flavor – ensuring you can brew your best cup.

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• 32 Ounce Capacity
• Saladmaster press includes both coffee and tea filters
• Filter Technology & Isolated Chamber 
• Glass Vessel & Stainless Steel Cage
• Insulated Lid
• The coffee filters twist to unlock for easy separation 
• Safety Lock™ - patent-pending system secures the glass vessel inside the steel cage while pouring and also allows for easy, removal and cleaning

Overview 2

• Combined with the isolated chamber, when the plunger is pressed down, the filters get beneath the grounds and stop extraction, ensuring consistent flavor and perfect brews
• Patented double micro filters have twice the filtering power of a typical press
• Spout on glass vessel makes pouring easy
• Filters fit snugly inside the container to create a vacuum seal
• Filters are easy to clean 
• Hand washing is recommended, but all parts are also dishwasher safe

Product Review
2020-04-10 MJ
Love my P5

Love that the Saladmaster version has both Tea and Coffee filters! Typically the other P5 retailers only give you one or the other. Love the performance too!

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