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Master Set

Product Info

For the everyday cook or experienced chef looking for optimum versatility, this set equips your kitchen and includes the essential pieces needed for cooking all types of recipes. Set includes: 1 Qt. (.9L) Sauce Pan with Cover, 3 Qt. (2.8L) Sauce Pan with Cover, 3 Qt. (1.8L) Perforated Basket, 7 Qt. (6.6L) Roaster with Cover, 10 Qt. (9.5L) Roaster with Cover, 9 in. (22.9cm) Skillet with Cover, 11 in. (27.9cm) Skillet with Cover, 12 in. (30.5cm) Electric Oil Core Skillet, Stainless Steel Powdered Cleaner, three long handles, six side handles.

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Product Review
2021-11-28 John and Barbara C.
We purchased our set 43 years ago

We purchased our set 43 years ago. The best cooking product ever. Cleans up nicely. Cooks your food perfectly. This product is worth it's price. Saves you money in the long run. We got the complete set plus additional pieces.

2021-11-26 Sheila P.
Best Cookware

Bought this when I was 17 from a friend at work made payments. I’m 58 and still use it every day. Worth every cent. It was like $300 a lifetime ago. I

2021-11-04 Joan P.
Bought the master set, the salad maker, bakeware

I purchased all the set back in 1975 and ii is the only cookware I have ever purchased.. I love it. I lost the small fry pan in a move but otherwise I have all of it

2021-10-27 Virginia D.
I bought all of full sets of cook ware

I bought all of full sets of cook ware, skillets, baking , grinder sets in 1971 I use them everyday. Best money spent ever Love my items

2021-07-22 Paulettee S..
47 Years Still Cook

I bought my Stainless Steal Salad Masters set when I was 19 years old. The salesmen told me this would be a lifetime investment, I would never have to purchase cookware any more. 100% RIGHT! I will pass this set on to another family member.. My dad bought my mother set when we were very young. They had a house fire lost everything , the pots were the only items still stand after the house burned to ground.

2021-07-04 Marianne W.
1959 and still cooking

My parents bought this set from a salesman who cooked pancakes for supper at our house. My grandmother bought a master set at the same time. I inherited both sets and use them daily! Electric skillet is still going strong.

2021-06-02 Roberta L.
Wouldn't have anything else.

My husband bought my set in the 70's and I had a fit that he spent so much money. All these and here I am over 50 years later and my pans still look like new. Recommend to my grandchildren now..

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