Executive Bios

Executive Bios

Saladmaster's Leadership Team

Ayo Olaseinde

Ayo Olaseinde is a self-made entrepreneur who has had an incredible journey in the direct sales industry. Ayo's career started as a casual laborer in a bakery, but he soon realized his entrepreneurial spirit and embarked on his direct sales journey in January 1982.

In 1984, Ayo opened his own direct sales dealership with Kirby Vacuums and worked hard to grow it into a successful business. He became a regional manager for the UK, where he developed and promoted strong leaders within his organization.

After over 20 years, Ayo joined Saladmaster in 2005, where he started as a "one-man show" building the business from zero. He soon became the fastest-growing region in Saladmaster, expanding from the UK into other European markets, Africa, and the Middle East. Ayo's passion for the direct sales industry and his ability to inspire and develop people from all backgrounds made him a true sales leader.

Under Ayo's leadership, Saladmaster UK was created in 2016 as the first Saladmaster entity outside of the USA. Ayo continued to drive immense growth for the business and was promoted to Global President of Saladmaster in 60 countries in 2018.

Ayo's leadership and dedication to the direct sales industry have been shaped by his personal story of starting from humble beginnings and building a successful career through hard work and determination. Ayo's experience in the direct sales industry, combined with his passion for healthy living, has enabled him to promote Saladmaster's mission of providing high-quality cookware and kitchen products that promote healthy and delicious cooking.

Overall, Ayo's journey and leadership in the direct sales industry, including his role as Global President of Saladmaster, serve as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to personal growth, and passion for inspiring and developing others to achieve their own success.

One of Ayo's most significant contributions to Saladmaster's messaging has been his focus on developing strong leaders within the organization. He has helped to create a culture of leadership and personal growth, where employees are encouraged to develop their skills and take on new challenges. This focus on leadership has helped to drive Saladmaster's growth and has allowed the company to expand into new markets around the world.

Ayo's impact on Saladmaster's messaging can be seen in the company's focus on promoting healthy living through their products. Under his leadership, Saladmaster has become more than just a cookware company - it's a lifestyle brand that promotes healthy eating and living.

Ayo's leadership has been instrumental in expanding Saladmaster's reach around the world and promoting its mission of inspiring people to live healthier, happier lives. His ability to inspire and develop people from all backgrounds, combined with his deep knowledge of the direct sales industry and his commitment to promoting healthy living, have helped to drive Saladmaster's growth and success.

Favorite Inspirational Quote:
“Anything Is Possible”

Liliana Arce
Vice President & General Manager

Liliana Arce, Saladmaster’s Vice President and General Manager, supports the success of Independent Authorized Saladmaster Dealers and Cooking Coaches by leading the global strategic direction on all business plans and programs that keep the Saladmaster business opportunity relevant and competitive. In her role, Liliana will manage global business operations, execute strategic leadership, oversee all business planning, and define communications. Liliana’s goal is to strengthen and meet business objectives, along with driving growth, to position Saladmaster in leading the movement back to healthy, home cooking.

As a seasoned executive, Liliana brings over 20 years direct selling experience in the houseware industry. Her wealth of global sales and marketing knowledge, along with her passion for serving entrepreneurs, make her the perfect fit for Saladmaster’s Vice President and General Manager role. Liliana has led multi-functional and multi-cultural teams across Asia Pacific and the Americas through global growth strategies, brand transformation, and by expanding brand access to new consumers and channels.

Liliana thrives on creating a culture with a “passion to win” through trust and continuous learning to help develop strong leaders throughout the company. Closely aligned with Saladmaster’s core values, Liliana has earned several humanitarian awards and is actively involved in the community through different organizations that help change lives by inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.

Liliana received both her Bachelor and Master of Science from the University of Central Florida and holds an Executive MBA from the Rollins College School of Business.

Favorite Inspirational Quote:
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Mark Jones
Senior Vice President, European/Middle East/Africa Division

Mark started with Saladmaster in 2006, when he was brought into the company through Ayo Olaseinde. Mark quickly became a Saladmaster Dealer and was crucial in helping build out the European and Middle East regions by developing multiple Dealerships across the division. His personal Dealership broke Saladmaster’s UK record for main office sales with 221 sales in one month.

Mark has reached the prestigious title of Master Dealer 8 times, and was promoted to a Regional Manager in 2017. In this role, Mark was key to doubling the regional growth in just under two years. In 2019, Mark was promoted to the Senior Vice President of the EMEA Division, where his goal is to help grow and lead his Division by example and with passion.

Favorite Inspirational Quote:
“TRAINING will make you GREAT!”

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