Saladmaster Hopes You and Your Families Stay Healthy During these Unprecedented Times

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Debbie Harrington

Saladmaster Hopes You and Your Families Stay Healthy During these Unprecedented Times

There is no escaping the reality that all over the world we find ourselves in unprecedented times.  

As a Global Organization, Saladmaster operates in over 45 countries, and across the Saladmaster Family we have been working together to navigate through these challenging times.  

Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Our vision at Saladmaster is to lead the movement back to healthy home cooking, and there has never been a greater time for us to share this vision with the world!

As we recognize World Health Day on April 7th, we wanted to share a short update and some useful tips on how to stay healthy.


Our Saladmaster Cooking Coaches

Our global network of Independent Authorized Dealers and Saladmaster Cooking Coaches are still very active and sharing our mission to use cooking to inspire people to live better, eat better, and achieve the life they desire. They have been finding new and innovative ways to share with you our amazing cookware and recipes that are designed to show you and your families learn how cooking with Saladmaster could help you can change your life for the better, starting with a new healthy lifestyle.

You can reach out to your local Dealer to find new immune-building recipes, or to learn more about their virtual cooking shows – where you can experience Saladmaster from the comfort of your home!

We are also welcoming new people to join the Saladmaster Family! Make sure you follow our official Saladmaster social media pages where we will be sharing many more recipes and tips.


Tips to Staying Healthy 

There is no doubt that we are becoming more focused on what we eat and how we can lead a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to help boost your immune system.


•    Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Fiber is a prebiotic which supports gut health and immunity starts with a healthy gut.
•    High Vitamin C – lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, red peppers, broccoli
•    Garlic & Ginger – antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral. Add these daily to your meals for an extra benefit!
•    Juicing – cold pressed freshly juiced fruits and vegetables
•    Green Tea


Other suggested foods and vitamins:

•    Echinacea & Goldenseal
•    Grapefruit Seed Extract
•    Amla Powder
•    Astragalus
•    Elderberry
•    Colloidal Silver
•    Probiotics
•    Vitamin D
•    Oregano Oil
•    Aged Garlic
•    Cayenne
•    Zinc
•    Turmeric
•    Mushrooms Medicinal: Shiitake and Maitake


Additional remedies recommended to aid in building a stronger immune system:

•    Sleep more 
•    Reduce Stress – daily exercise, breathing and meditation helps
•    Positivity – book, YouTube, empowerment challenges and humorous movies


Check out our Immune Building Tonic hereit’s a simple and quick drink you can make to build your immune!

The Saladmaster cooking method allows you to cook foods without the need to add water, fats, oils, or to drain-off water, which helps to maintain the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients in your foods, while also protecting the texture, color and natural flavor of the ingredients. 

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Make sure you follow our social media pages where we will be sharing more recipes and tips to unleash your creativity in the kitchen and cook the healthiest meals for your families.

Take care and stay safe from all of the Saladmaster Family

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