New Values Reflect Timeless Focus on Success


David Hopkins

New Values Reflect Timeless Focus on Success

A Deeper Look into Saladmaster’s Core Values

For over 70 years, Saladmaster has been selling some of the finest cookware in the world. And from the beginning, we’ve focused on changing lives through home cooking and promoting healthy lifestyles. While our mission remains unchanged, this past year, Saladmaster looked to the heart of the company to update our core values and reflect how we plan to move forward for the next 70 years.

Wayne Fritz, Senior Vice President of the Americas Division, had this insight to share about our core values:

“When we think about Saladmaster’s core values, it’s important to ask: Why does a company need them? After all, it should be easy to see what we do. We sell the very best cookware in the world. What else is there? However, you know and I know that Saladmaster is so much more than a cookware company. We’re here to help people eat better, live better, and achieve the life they desire. That’s more than a business, that’s a calling.”

Our core values are the guiding principles that define the Saladmaster culture and help shape who we are as a company. We have encouraged all employees and Saladmaster Dealers to live “The Saladmaster Way,” which means to live by and implement our core values into their everyday lives. By living The Saladmaster Way, we can provide the ultimate experience for our customers while also having fun together as a family.  Here are the core values that shape our company:


• We are one global family who builds authentic relationships and has fun together.
• We always put others first.
• We help others fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Saladmaster is family centric. Our definition of “family” is a broad and inclusive one. We see the kitchen as the center of family life— and the place where Saladmaster can best meet people’s needs with healthier cooking and a healthier lifestyle. But we also see family as a place for love and support. We want people to achieve the life they desire, and families are there to help you on your journey!


• We are committed to excellence.
• We go the extra mile to offer superior quality and service.
• We bring our very best every day to create a culture of excellence.

It’s not surprising that a company founded on high-quality cookware would be committed to excellence. Everything from the intricate Vapo-Valve™ to the large stainless steel flats pressed to make our lids and pans, must be perfectly manufactured according to precise specifications in order to work properly. We’ve carried this excellence into our day-to-day operations, making sure everything—like our cookware—exceeds our high expectations and that we provide the ultimate in customer service.


• We do the right thing always.
• We are recognized by our honesty, accountability, commitment and compassion.
• Trust is at the cornerstone of everything—period.

A reputation can take a lifetime to build and can be ruined with a single dishonest action. We know this is true, so we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, creating layers of accountability within our organization. All of this is to earn the trust of our customers and the people who work with us. We believe that doing things the right way is the only way.


• Our positive attitude is the strength of our character.
• We listen in order to understand what matters most.
• Our lasting relationship is built on a shared passion for helping others make life better.

The love for our products and brand is undeniable as we want to change life through healthy cooking. Anyone who has worked with one our Saladmaster Dealers or Cooking Coaches knows that they bring a lot of passion to the work they do. This group is a loyal, empowering, positive group numbering close to 25,000 in over 45 countries. Their enthusiasm to provide the best service and to live a life of unparalleled opportunity is the fuel that keeps us going. And for all of us, we want to help make people’s lives better.


• Opportunity is at the heart of our business.
• We are a purpose driven company who empower others to achieve peak performance.
• We inspire others to become their best.

Saladmaster began as the vision of one entrepreneur, Harry Lemmons. He believed the entrepreneurial opportunity should be available to anyone with a similar drive, and it all started with him selling the Saladmaster Food Processor out of his car in grocery store parking lots over 70 years ago. Saladmaster not only empowers people by preparing home-cooked meals for their families, but we also give people an opportunity to sell our products and earn extra income.

Over the years, Saladmaster has become a global company, creating businesses across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. It’s an important way that we inspire people to become their best.

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These core values, along with helping spread our mission of inspiring others to eat better, live better, and achieve the life they desire, is what shapes The Saladmaster Way! Do any of them inspire you? If so, let us know Facebook or Instagram. Use the hashtag #Saladmaster, so we can see your response.

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