Introducing the Limited Edition Elite Sauté


Introducing the Limited Edition Elite Sauté

We are pleased to introduce our latest limited edition piece, the Elite Sauté. The last piece in the exclusive Complete Gourmet Collection with 24k gold plating on the knob and handles.


Designed using 316Ti Stainless Steel and Thermal Core Construction to help protect the purity and flavour of foods during the cooking process, the Elite Sauté is highly durable to last a lifetime and is suitable for use with any cooking surface.


Featuring 6 Qt. / 5.7 L Capacity with straight side walls, the Elite Sauté boasts a wide diameter and cooking surface area to provide enough room for ingredients not to be overcrowded, which is especially important when browning so ingredients do not end up soggy.


The straight high sides and pan depth also help contain food and liquid inside the pan and control splatter while cooking, preventing additional clean-up on your stovetop afterwards. The Elite Sauté differs from a traditional skillet or frying pan, certain tasks that may take two batches with a skillet can be done comfortably in one batch in the Elite Sauté.

Ideal for stack cooking

Absolutely ideal for stack cooking, the 11” skillet inverts over the Elite Sauté as a high dome cover to provide increased height (approx. 3 inches) to cook larger volume foods, like whole vegetables such as squash and pumpkin.


Need more height? Utilise the 7 Qt. roaster as a high dome cover to cook whole chickens or turkeys stovetop. Stack cooking can help save time and energy in the kitchen by helping you cook more food using fewer burners.

Saladmaster Vapo-Valve™ & Semi-Vacuum Cooking Method

Our signature built-in Vapo-Valve lets you know when it’s time to reduce the heat to avoid overcooking. During the cooking process, moisture from the food rises and accumulates in the set down of the pan so that when the heat is set to low, a semi-vacuum cooking environment is created that locks in moisture, maintains food’s natural flavour, and helps preserve food’s natural vitamins and minerals.


Because there’s no need to add butter, oil, or excess fat to flavour your food, your favourite recipes can be made healthier without sacrificing the taste you love. Helping make cooking more efficient, reducing cooking times – so you can get out of the kitchen faster to enjoy your food.

Get your Elite Sauté today

Want to add the Elite Sauté to your collection? Speak to your nearest Independent Authorised Dealer - CLICK HERE. A portion of our profits from sales of the Elite Sauté will be donated to organisations that serve local and global diabetes communities.


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