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Utility Rack

The Utility Rack is a customer favorite! This rack conveniently fits into the 11” Skillet and 7 Qt. (6.6L) Roaster for multiple stacking combinations. This rack allows you to cook the meat on the bottom of the pan, while still steaming your favorite vegetables on top of the rack.

Incredible Benefits of Steamer Racks 

Our round steamer rack can transform your lifestyle. Enjoy incorporating healthier ingredients into your meals when you can easily and efficiently steam vegetables such as broccoli or corn on the cob and seafood such as oysters or lobsters. Enhance your experience in the kitchen when you invest in this cookware tool offering these advantages:

  • Versatile design: One rack can stack over another, allowing you to steam larger quantities of the same item or layer various types of foods and seasonings as a solution for all your cooking needs.
  • Durable materials: Each rack can withstand high temperatures, allowing you to explore different recipes and cooking possibilities suiting many flavor palates.
  • Convenient cooking: The design prevents ingredients from touching the bottom of your cookware so the heated water can perfectly cook your food. 
  • Space-saving storage: The rack's slim features take up minimal space, letting you get more use of your kitchen's storage compartments. 

Find Your Local Saladmaster Dealer

We provide in-home and virtual cooking demonstrations at our storefronts to show how chefs and homeowners can use this utility rack for steaming vegetables and other ingredients. In addition, our local professionals can provide customized deliveries to hand deliver your new cookware, clean it and cook for you. To start benefiting from this cookware, check out our locations and find the closest Saladmaster Dealer near you today!

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