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Limited Edition 6 Qt. Elite Sauté

The Limited Edition 6 Qt. Elite Sauté is our last piece in the Complete Gourmet Collection! It is perfect for one pan casserole recipes to cook dinner for the family in one sitting with just one pan to clean! The straight high sides, 6 Qt. (5.7 L) capacity, and pan depth help contain food and liquid inside the pan to control splatter while cooking, also preventing additional cleanup on your stovetop afterwards. The wide diameter and cooking surface area provide enough room for ingredients not to overcrowd, which is especially important when browning so ingredients don’t end up soggy. The Elite Sauté differs from a traditional skillet or fry pan with sloping sides that has a smaller diameter at the bottom than at the top – certain tasks that may take two batches with a skillet can be done comfortably in one batch in the Elite Sauté. With 24k gold plated inlays, this piece is the last piece in the Complete Gourmet Collection and a portion of the profits from the Elite Sauté will be donated to organizations that serve local and global diabetes communities.

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The Elite Sauté is slightly wider and deeper than the 11” skillet. It includes one long handle to maneuver the pan conveniently and one short handle on the opposite side to help the pan feel balanced (not shaky) and comfortable when moving from stove to oven, or stove to table for serving. Handles stay cool while cooking and maneuvering and are removable for easy storage in a kitchen drawer. 11” skillet inverts over the Elite Sauté as a high dome cover and provides increased height (approx. 3 inches) to cook larger volume foods, like whole vegetables (squash and pumpkin). For even more height, utilize the 7 Qt. roaster as a high dome cover to cook whole chickens or turkeys stovetop.

* 316Ti Stainless Steel with Thermal Core Construction
* 6 Qt. / 5.7 L Capacity with Straight Side Walls
* 24K Gold Plating in the knob & Handles
* 1 Long Handle
* 1 Short Handle
* Portion of the profits will be donated to organizations that serve local and global diabetes communities.

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