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Limited Edition 3 Qt. Gourmet Wok

The new Limited Edition 3 Qt. Gourmet Wok is the latest piece in Saladmaster’s Complete Gourmet Collection. This amazing high-quality, high-demand, versatile wok is ideal for anything from stewing and braising, to shallow frying for those special occasions that call for a delicious tempura. The 24k gold accents distinguish it as the signature piece in your kitchen—and the center of every great meal. This new Limited Edition piece is only available March 2021.

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* 3 Qt. / 2.8 L Capacity &  Curved Wall Design
* Saladmaster 316Ti Stainless Steel & Thermal Core Construction
* Saladmaster Vapo-Valve™
* Draining Rack included
* 1 Long & 1 Short Detachable Handles
* Inverts as high dome cover over 11” Skillet, 7 Qt. Roaster, and 10" Chef's Gourmet Skillet 

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