Limited Edition 8.5 Roaster Recipes
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Saladmaster Limited Edition 8.5 Qt. Roaster Recipes

Prepare to cook in style while you enjoy culinary versatility at its finest! With the Saladmaster Limited Edition 8.5 Qt. Roaster, you can have it all. Try a few of these recipes to create an entire meal in one roaster for the family, or potluck meals for your next group gathering. Click on any image to get the recipe.

Mediterranean Lemon Chicken and Couscous Balsamic Braised Beef Ribs with Mushrooms

Spice Up Your Social Life

You'll love the gorgeous display of your cooking in the 8.5 Qt. Roaster. Let this seafood recipe be the elegant centerpiece for your next gathering.

Seafood and Sausage Boil


Saladmaster Limited Edition 8.5 Qt Roaster

Explore New Flavors

There's a party of flavors in the 8.5 qt. Roaster and you're welcome to experience it for yourself. Try this popular Filipino dish!
Filipino Style Shrimp & Vegetable Stew This popular Filipino dish is also known as Pinkabet


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Feel Fully Nourished

Rice noodles served in a beef bone broth are nourishing and perfect for any season of the year.
You'll love how easy it is to batch cook with the Saladmaster 8.5 Qt. Roaster!

Saladmaster Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup Beef Bone Broth

Escape The Ordinary

Use the Saladmaster 8.5 Qt. Roaster to impress your friends and family with this tasty Korean BBQ recipe. 
This dish can be prepared from frozen to finish within 30 minutes or less!

Korean BBQ Ground Beef with Vegetables Savory and delicious!


The new Limited Edition 8.5 Qt. Roaster is the premiere piece in Saladmaster’s Complete Gourmet Collection.  
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Following Healthy Food Trends?

The Saladmaster 8.5 Qt. Roaster offers you these vegetarian and vegan recipes that are absolutely 'spoon-worthy.'

Lentil Pasta with Kale
Lentil, Quinoa & Vegetable Stew
Lentil Pasta with Kale

Warm Up Any Occasion With This Delightful Beverage!

Warm Chai Apple Cider is everything you never knew you wanted. And with the Saladmaster 8.5 Qt. Roaster, you can easily serve a crowd.

Warm Chai Apple Cider Delicious!


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