Limited Edition Complete Gourmet
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The New Limited Edition 8.5 Qt. Roaster

Introducing the New Limited Edition 8.5 Qt Roaster with Cover. It is the inaugural piece in our exclusive Complete Gourmet Collection. From pasta dishes to whole chickens, racks of ribs to soups, stews and more, this sizeable piece is designed for versatility. The Roaster features the superior design and high-quality materials you’ve come to expect from Saladmaster. For those more adventurous in cooking, the 10” Chef’s Gourmet Skillet will fit the 8..5 QT Roaster, inverted for stack cooking. And for the first time ever, our cookware dazzles with stylish gold trim accents. With the 8.5 Qt Roaster, Saladmaster is helping you bring more to the table. 

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Vegan Pozole
New 8.5 Qt. Roaster Recipe!

Whenever you get a chance to taste Pozole, you’d agree that it always feels like a special occasion. Traditionally, Pozole includes pork, but this vegan version is a richly flavored Mexican stew made from a combination of peppers, hominy and seasonings, along with plenty of onions and garlic. This comfort food pairs well with with tortilla chips and frozen margaritas! And now with the 8.5 Qt. Roaster, it’s even easier than ever to cook and serve your favorite homemade meals with style! 

Features & Benefits

8.5 Qt. Roaster 
Limited Edition Complete Gourmet Collection  
Reasons why everyone wants the 8.5 Qt. Roaster: 

The Limited Edition 8.5Qt. Roaster offers you all the unique Saladmaster features that you need for the optimal cooking experience, and more! 

✔ Excellent cooking capacity for one-pan meals like roasts, pulled pork, chicken, rice casseroles, curries, pastas, stews, roast squash, and slow-cooker type meals, etc. With its large size and high walls, the 8.5 Qt. Roaster is perfect for batch cooking, or creating stocks and broths from scratch.

✔ Beautiful tapered walled design and sizeable cooking surface makes cooking easier for stirring, braising, browning and sautéing ingredients for a roasted, or caramelization effect on the stovetop with no oven required.

✔ Stack cooking is possible with the 10” Chef’s Gourmet Skillet, which can fit inverted as a flat cover to allow another piece of cookware to stack and cook on top of the 8.5 Qt. Roaster for maximum energy efficiency and works on any cooking surface.

✔ Signature Complete Gourmet Collection Design offers gold trim accents on the knob and two side handles so you can add an extra dash of elegance and style to your kitchen, while accentuating the meals you serve.

✔ Limited Edition Laser Etch signifies authenticity and genuine premium quality product that is exclusively manufactured for a select number of people, since the 8.5Qt. Roaster is available only while quantities last.

And of course, the 8.5 Qt. Roaster includes the features that Saladmaster customers enjoy most from the current Saladmaster product line.  Signature features such as the durability, versatility and cooking precision of 316Ti stainless steel combined with the multi layer core, along with the patented Vapo-Valve™ for faster semi-vacuum cooking with minimal or zero fats, oils or water required.    

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