How to Move Beyond Black Friday


David Hopkins

How to Move Beyond Black Friday

What If the Great Deals Came to You?

In the United States, “Black Friday” is the start of the biggest shopping weekend of the year. (Fun fact: Globally, the biggest shopping day is November 11th — a Chinese holiday known as Singles Day.) When thinking about Black Friday, most people imagine news footage of crowds rushing into the stores and fighting over flat-screen televisions, after camping out all night for the deals. Despite the apparent chaos Black Friday incites, its popularity is only rising. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, 102 million people shopped during Black Friday weekend, roughly 32% of all Americans.

However, not everything worth putting under the Christmas tree can be found in a store. Sometimes we buy into the hype of Black Friday without considering the alternative: stay home and let an Independent Saladmaster Dealer come to you.

The beauty of direct sales

In a previous blog post on the Benefits of One-on-One Sales, we explored why the direct sales model is better than online shopping: you can ask questions about the product; you can experience in-home product demonstrations; you can resolve any concerns easily; and you receive superior follow-up and support.

The reasoning also holds true for going to a store during Black Friday. If the employees are bracing against a wild horde of shoppers, they won’t have much time to devote to answering your questions or even showing you the product in action. They’re just trying to survive the weekend. It’s not an ideal situation. But the direct sales model is about building a network where the customer is valued and heard. This rare convenience is something that Saladmaster commits to on a daily basis, and makes the sales experience more meaningful.

“Black Friday Deals” aren’t always that great.

According to research conducted by Finder, 52% of people regret purchasing something on sale. The discount may seem hard to resist, but don’t be fooled into buying something you aren’t going to truly enjoy it.

Not everything is at its lowest price during Black Friday. Penny Hoarder lists toys, tablets/laptops, fitness equipment, holiday décor, linens, jewelry, HDTVs, winter clothing, and tools as items you should absolutely not buy during Black Friday.

Value and price are not the same thing.

Time Magazine reported that, “Some products advertised at deep discounts on Black Friday are what’s known as ‘derivative products’—items made by the same manufacturer that look almost like the standard model but with a few very important differences. These products are generally manufactured more cheaply, sometimes with less-expensive components.”

When the price is low, but the value is even lower, you’re not getting a good deal. Think of it this way: “Price” is what you pay, but “value” is what the product pays you. Instead, consumers should think about getting the greatest value possible—products that are built to last a lifetime. Here’s one of many examples: A Saladmaster customer from North Carolina purchased her cookware back in 1962. And 57 years later, she continues to stand by Saladmaster. That’s a great value!

What’s the alternative to Black Friday?

Instead of trusting the stock that’s piled at the front of the big-box store, you may want to stay home this year and have the deals come to you. If you reach out to an Independent Saladmaster Dealer and schedule a Cooking Show, not only will you avoid the traffic and the crowds, but the Cooking Coach will prepare a healthy meal for your family and teach you about the unique Saladmaster cooking method. You’ll have a chance to taste the difference of food cooked with Saladmaster, and have an opportunity to invest in cookware that you could pass down to the next generation. And it will be a refreshing alternative to the chaos of Black Friday.

Do you already own Saladmaster? What’s your favorite part of the Cooking Show? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram. Use the #Saladmaster hashtag so we can see your comments.

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