5 Reasons to Add Saladmaster's Food Processor to Your Kitchen


Debbie Harrington

5 Reasons to Add the Saladmaster Food Processor to your Kitchen this Christmas

As the original Saladmaster product, our Food Processor has become an iconic part of our family. Saladmaster founder Harry Lemmons began selling the Food Processor from his home and from his car in grocery store parking lots in 1947 and it has stood the test of time to become a staple of the avid home cooks kitchen.


Easy to use, clean and store, the Saladmaster Food Processor makes slicing, grating, stringing and French frying a range of vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheeses and meats quick and simple - making it the perfect tool for cooking for Christmas. Helping you spend less time in the kitchen preparing healthy home-cooked meals and more time over the festive period enjoying eating them with friends and family.


It comes with 5 micro-keen stainless steel cutting cones to help you create everything from chips to coleslaw and any type of salad you can imagine. The cones include the shredder, stringer, French fryer, thin slice and waffle and are sure to reduce the time it takes to prepare healthy, nutritious meals.


Here at Saladmaster, we think the cones are just five great reasons to add a Saladmaster Food Processor to your kitchen this Christmas. Let’s take a look at each in a little more detail.

1. The Shredder

Perfect for grating cheese, carrots, cabbage and just about anything other food you can think of. The Shredder makes it really quick and easy to create your favourite dishes in a fraction of the time.







2. The Stringer

The Stringer makes cutting onions or making veggie noodles a doddle. A super versatile cone, the Stringer helps you create beautiful salads that look as great as they taste.  







3. The French Fryer

Whether you are making chips, roasted root vegetables or want a fancy way to cut your melon, the French Fryer can do it all and is sure to be a favourite in your kitchen. 







4. The Thin Slicer

Cutting fruits and vegetables really thin with a knife not only takes lots of practice but also takes a lot of time. The Thin Slicer takes the hassle out of slicing your fruit and vegetables and gives you thin slices in just a few minutes. 







5. The Waffler

If you are planning on pickling beetroot or cucumbers or maybe want to make your meals look a little extra fancy, the Waffler not only makes your fruit and veg look great, it can also be a fun way to help kids enjoy a healthy snack








See the Saladmaster Food Processor in Action

Watch our short video to see each of the cones in action and discover how quick and easy it is to switch between cones and how simple the Saladmaster Food Processor is to use.


If you would like to find out more about the Saladmaster Food Processor and how you can add it to your kitchen, speak to your nearest Independent Authorised Dealer at https://saladmaster.com/Locate-a-Dealership

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