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Limited Edition 9 Qt. Roaster With Cover

Your Ever-Dependable Pan

Our 9 Qt./8.5 L Roaster with Cover is spacious so you can take charge and cook those larger portions of food and high-volume recipes. Garner the cooking benefits of a traditional stockpot and Dutch oven all in one pan. The pan construction and added cover are designed to distribute heat evenly and create a seal that locks in moisture during cooking, making this piece super versatile. And it’s still lightweight and comfortable enough to lift with ease to make pouring or draining safe. Transform the way you cook. Now is the time to go big and cook at home! It's ideal for any recipe that requires a large amount of liquid, in particular soups and stews, as the tall walls and diameter help ensure liquid evaporates slower than in other pans where there is a larger liquid surface area exposed to the air.

What else to cook?
-    Make your own stock or broth – it can be cheaper than buying the prepared alternatives
-    Cook whole lobsters or a pot of crawfish 
-    Cook multiple ears of corn or potatoes in one batch
-    Make a large batch of pasta or a Cajun-style gumbo when entertaining for a crowd
-    Brine meat or fish prior to cooking
-    Stew fruit or vegetables that you need to preserve to prevent waste
-    Roast meats or vegetables stovetop to realize the time saving benefits of the semi-vacuum cooking method
-    If you use the oven, the pan is oven safe up to 450°F/232°C, just be sure to remove the detachable handles and knob on the lid

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•    Includes 2 detachable short handles with stainless steel inlays
•    Unique cover designed specifically for this pan
•    Made in the U.S.A. using global high quality global materials
•    316Ti Stainless Steel Interior to protect the flavor and purity of foods during cooking process
•    Multi-Layer Thermal Core to provide even heating across the bottom and up the sides of the pan.
•    Multi-directional and continuous heat helps cook food evenly, making the end result more consistent in texture and taste.
•    400 Series Stainless Steel Exterior suitable for electric, gas, ceramic, and induction, it’s even oven safe!
•    Vapo-Valve™ Technology & Semi-Vacuum Cooking Method designed to cook food on lower temperature settings without adding water or oil.

•    9 Qt./8.5 L capacity
•    11.8”/299.6mm top diameter (outer edge of rim), 8.5”/217.1mm bottom (cooking surface) diameter
•    6.4”/162.3mm tall without cover, 8.9”/226mm high with cover (to top of knob)
•    Weight (no detachable handles included)
     o    Bottom only – 4.2 lb
     o    Cover only – 1.3 lb
     o    Bottom & cover – 5.5 lb 

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