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Egg Cups

The Egg Cups are another fan favorite as they make poaching eggs easy! The versatile egg cups are great for creating individual puddings, cupcakes, corn bread and muffins, warming baby food, and poaching eggs. You can use the cups separately in the utility rack. 

Why Use Egg Poach Cups?

Eggs offer one of the most nutritious foods for breakfast, brunch and other meals. They include vitamins, minerals and proteins your body needs to stay strong and healthy. Cooking with egg poach cups offers a simple and straightforward process with these benefits:

  • Consistent results: Cooking an egg in the temperature-controlled conditions of boiling water or with steam often produce the same results each time, giving you an effortless experience with peace of mind. 
  • Quick cooking time: A room-temperature egg can cook quickly in under four minutes. You can anticipate precise timing based on the egg size you choose.
  • Easy removal of the egg: The stainless steel egg poacher cups don't require preparing the surface with oils or butter, promoting a healthier lifestyle with an easier removal when it's time to transition each egg onto dishware. 
  • Versatile use in many dishes: Eggs pair well with many flavorings in dishes found worldwide, allowing you to expand your palate and explore ingredient combinations including vegetables, tomatoes, cheese, soups and pasta. 

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